LAS VEGAS HAS FALLEN: CIA PLOTTING MARCH 30, 2023, APOCALYPTIC MAN-MADE EARTHQUAKE ATTACK TARGETING LAS VEGAS, NEVADA AS PRETEXT FOR: A) APOCALYTIC EXPLOSIONS AT AREA 51 IN LINCOLN COUNTY, NEVADA; B) ESCALATING WAVE OF ELECTRICAL BLACKOUTS TARGETING NATIONAL POWER GRID; C) MASS LOOTING, RIOTS AND/OR SOCIAL UNREST; D) MASSIVE INFERNOS DUE TO RUPTURED GAS & OIL PIPELINES; AND/OR E) COLLAPSE OF HOOVER DAM IN CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA, LIKELY RESULTING IN TIDAL WAVE-LIKE FLOODING OF TOWNS DOWN THE COLORADO RIVER (MARCH 29, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Apocalyptic Man-Made Earthquake Attack Targeting Las Vegas, Nevada on March 30, 2023, Exactly 851-Days After CIA Staged 6.5-Magnitude Man-Made Earthquake Attack Targeting Tonopah, Nevada (Which is Located Exactly 211-Miles from Las Vegas) Back on May 15, 2020, Exactly 1,266-Days After CIA Staged 7.1-Magnitude Man-Made Earthquake Attack Targeting Ridgecrest, California (Which is Located Exactly 238-Miles from Las Vegas) Back on July 5, 2019, Exactly 1,345-Days After Steve Sisolak Became Governor of Nevada Back on January 7, 2019, Exactly 4,087-Days After Carolyn Goodman Became Mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada Back on July 6, 2011, Exactly 4,687-Days After the Film ‘2012’ Depicted Las Vegas, Nevada Being Destroyed in an Apocalyptic Earthquake Back on November 13, 2009, Exactly 10,968-Days After CIA Staged 5.8-Magnitude Man-Made Earthquake Attack Targeting St. George, Utah (Which is Located Exactly 119-Miles from Las Vegas) Back on September 2, 1992, Exactly 31,607-Days After the Hoover Dam Opened on Arizona-Nevada Border Back on March 1, 1936, & Exactly 54,957-Days After CIA Staged 7.9-Magnitude Man-Made Earthquake Attack Targeting Lone Pine, California (Which is Located Exactly 231-Miles from Las Vegas) Back on March 26, 1872

Posted: March 29, 2023 in Breaking News

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