OPERATION ENGINEERED OUTRAGE: T-MINUS THE TRUMP 2024 KRISTALLNACHT-LIKE RIOTS: CIA PLOTTING NIGHT OFMARCH 30, 2023, ESCALATING WAVE OF AGENT PROVOCATEUR-BASED ARSON ATTACKS, LOOTING, RACE RIOTS, SMASH & GRAB ATTACKS AND/OR VIGILANTE ATTACKS ACROSS AMERICA (LIKELY ANTIFA AND/OR BLACK LIVES MATTER (BLM) IN NATURE) IN AFTERMATH OF OFFICIAL DECLARATION BY DONALD J. TRUMP THAT HE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES SPECIFICALLY TO: A) PROVIDE MEDIA & POLITICAL COVER FOR TARGETED ASSASSINATION OF TRUMP, TRUMP FAMILY MEMBERS AND/OR SUPPORTERS; B) TRIGGER MARTIAL LAW; C) SPARK RACE WAR; AND/OR D) SABOTAGE IMPENDING ‘TRUMP 2024’ PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN (MARCH 29, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Escalating Wave of Political Chaos, Riots and/or Violence in Aftermath of Official ‘Trump 2024’ Announcement on MARCH 30, 2023, Exactly 272-Days After Trump Posted ‘Get Ready! Your Favorite President Will See You Soon!’ on His New Social Media Platform Entitled ‘Truth Social’ Back on February 16, 2022, Exactly 308-Days After CIA Staged Latest ‘Blue Color Revolution’ in Kazakhstan Back on January 2-11, 2022, Exactly 348-Days After Trump’s Released His New Pre-Trump 2024 Campaign Book Entitled ‘Our Journey Together’ Back on December 7, 2021, Exactly 664-Days After Trump Became the Former President of the United States Back on January 20, 2021, Exactly 729-Days After Trump Tweeted ‘I Won the Election!’ Back on November 16, 2020, Exactly 716-Days After the Disputed 2020 US Presidential Election Back on November 3, 2020, Exactly 721-Days Prior to the 2024 US President Election on November 5, 2024, Exactly 2,198-Days After Trump Won the 2016 US Presidential Election Back on November 8, 2016, Exactly 2,709-Days After Trump Formally Announced His Candidacy for President of the United States of America Back on June 16, 2015, & Exactly 30,687-Days After CIA Staged False-Flag Ant-Semitic Kristallnacht Attack in Germany Back on November 9, 1938

Posted: March 29, 2023 in Breaking News

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