OPERATION TRUMP ELEMENTARY: CIA PLOTTING MARCH 30, 2023, MADE-FOR-TV BLOOD SACRIFICE EVENT TARGETING EDUCATION-RELATED ENTITIES IN AMERICA (E.G., DAY CARES, KINDERGARTENS, ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS, MIDDLE SCHOOLS, HIGH SCHOOLS, SCHOOOL BUSES, ETC.) SPECIFICALLY TO SABOTAGE ‘TRUMP 2024’ PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND/OR SPAWN SECOND GLOBAL BIOLOGICAL PANDEMIC (POSSIBLY ALEX JONES, DB COOPER, JANUARY 6TH TERRORIST, ELECTION DENIER, MILITIA, OATH KEEPERS, REPUBLICAN AND/OR TRUMP-RELATED IN NATURE), INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: A) 9/11-STYLE ATTACK; B) ACID ATTACK; C) ARSON ATTACK AND/OR STRUCTURE FIRE; D) ASSASSINATION; E) BEHEADING; F) BOMB THREAT; G) BOMBING; H) BUILDING COLLAPSE; I) CAR/RV/TRUCK BOMBING; J) DRAGGING; K) FOOD POISONING; L) GRENADE ATTACK; M) HATE CRIME; N) KIDNAPPING AND/OR HOSTAGE CRISIS; O) LYNCHING; P) MAIL BOMBING; Q) MASS SHOOTING; R) MASS STABBING; S) OCCUPATION; T) PIPE BOMBING; U) WATER POISONING; V) SIEGE; W) STORMING; X) SNIPER ATTACK; Y) SUICIDE BOMBING; AND/OR Z) VEHICULAR RAMMING ATTACK, LIKELY AMMONIUM PERCHLORATE, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, DIRTY BOMB, HAZMAT MATERIAL (E.G., AMMONIUM NITRATE, COW DUNG, FERTILIZER, ETC.), NERVE AGENT (E.G., NOVICHOK, SARIN, VX, ETC.), NOVEL AIRBORNE VIRUS, NUCLEAR, RADIOLOGICAL, TRIACETONE TRIPEROXIDE (TATP), UREA FERTILIZER AND/OR WEAPONIZED CONTAGION (E.G., ANTHRAX, EBOLA, RICIN, SMALLPOX, ETC.) IN NATURE (MARCH 29, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Made-for-TV Blood Sacrifice Event Targeting Education-Related Entities in America on MARCH 30, 2023, Exactly 84-Days After Donald J. Trump Officially Declared His Candidacy for the 2024 US Presidential Election Back on November 15, 2022, Exactly 259-Days After CIA Staged False-Flag Race War Mass Shooting Attack Targeting Mexican-Americans at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas Back on May 24, 2022, Exactly 748-Days After Donald J. Trump Became the Former President of the United States Back on January 20, 2021, Exactly 1,372-Days After CIA Staged the STEM School Highlands Ranch Shooting in Douglas County, Colorado (Which Killed 1 Student) Back on May 7, 2019, Exactly 1,819-Days After CIA Staged the Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre in Parkland, Florida Back on February 14, 2018, Exactly 3,707-Days After CIA Staged the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre in Sandy Hook, Connecticut Back on December 14, 2012, Exactly 5,497-Days After the Film Entitled ‘Breaking Bad’ Premiered on Television (Which Featured RV-Based Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED)-Related Explosion) Back on January 20, 2008, Exactly 6,731-Days After the CIA-Spawned Beslan School Hostage Crisis, Siege & Subsequent Massacre Concluded in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia (Which Killed 186 Students) Back on September 3, 2004, Exactly 10,886-Days After the CIA Staged the Waco Siege & Subsequent Massacre in Waco, Texas Back on April 19, 1993, Exactly 11,391-Days After CIA Operative William Cooper Published His Book Entitled ‘Behold a Pale Horse Which Stated that Mass Shootings Targeting American Schools Would be ‘…Used by Elements of the Federal Government as an Excuse to Infringe Upon the Citizenry’s Second Amendment Rights’ Back on December 1, 1991, Exactly 18,703-Days After D. B. Cooper Hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 Before Parachuting Out of Plane with $200,000 Never to be Seen Again Back on November 24, 1971, & Exactly 27,997-Days After Donald J. Trump was Born in Queens, New York Back on June 14, 1946

Posted: March 29, 2023 in Breaking News

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