OPERATION NAZI SOCCER: BORUSSIA DORTMUND (VS) BAYERN MUNICH (MUNICH, GERMANY): CIA PLOTTING APRIL 1, 2023, MADE-FOR-TV BLOOD SACRIFICE EVENT TARGETING ONE OR MORE GERMANY NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM COACHES, PLAYERS, TRAINERS AND/OR THEIR RESPECTIVE FAMILIES IN AFTERMATH OF SHOCKING EXIT FROM FIFA WORLD CUP IN QATAR, LIKELY ACID ATTACK, ARSON ATTACK, ASSASSINATION, BEHEADING, BLEACH ATTACK, BOMBING, DRAGGING, HOSTAGE CRISIS, LYNCHING, KIDNAPPING, PYROCIDE, RACE WAR ATTACK, RAMMING ATTACK AND/OR TORCHING ATTACK IN NATURE (MARCH 31, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Blood Sacrifice Event Targeting One or More Germany National Football Team Coaches, Players, Trainers and/or Their Respective Families on April 1, 2023, Exactly 4-Days After Germany was Failed to Make the Round of 16 in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar Back on December 1, 2022, Exactly 362-Days After Olaf Scholz Became Chancellor of Germany Back on December 8, 2021, Exactly 828-Days After CIA Staged Neo-Nazi Storming of Reichstag Building in Berlin, Germany Back on August 29, 2020, Exactly 1,526-Days After CIA Staged Arrest of 6 White Males from Neo-Nazi Group Entitled ‘Revolution Chemnitz’ for Plotting Attack on Foreigners in Chemnitz, Germany Back on October 1, 2018, Exactly 3,589-Days After CIA Spawned the Second Neo-Nazi Party in Germany Entitled Alternative for Germany (AFD) Back on February 6, 2013, Exactly 10,383-Days After CIA Assassinated Columbian Soccer Star Andrés Escobar Under the Guise of a Fan-Related Attack in Medellín, Colombia Back on July 2, 1994, & Exactly 21,191-Days After CIA Spawned the First Neo-Nazi ‘National Democratic Party of Germany’ (NPD) in Germany Back on November 28, 1964

Posted: March 31, 2023 in Breaking News

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