OPERATION FRIENDLY FIRE: T-MINUS THE PRESIDENTIAL BID OF ‘RINO’ RON DESANTIS: CIA PLOTTING MAY 22, 2023, OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT BY RON DESANTIS THAT HE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2024 IN DESPERATE EFFORT TO HIJACK REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION FROM DONALD J. TRUMP (MAY 19, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Official Announcement by Ron DeSantis that He is Running for President in 2024 on May 22, 2023, Exactly 195-Days After Ron DeSantis was Reelected as Governor of Florida Back on November 8, 2022, Exactly 533-Days Prior to the 2024 US Presidential Election on November 5, 2024, Exactly 622-Days After Ron DeSantis Publicly Stated That All Speculation that He is Running for US President in 2024 was ‘Purely Manufactured’ Back on September 7, 2021, Exactly1,595-Days After Ron DeSantis Became Governor of Florida Back on January 8, 2019, & Exactly 16,321-Days After Ron DeSantis was Born in Jacksonville, Florida Back on September 14, 1978

Posted: May 19, 2023 in Breaking News

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