OPERATION DYNO GLOBAL: CIA PLOTTING NIGHT OF MAY 22, 2023, MADE-FOR-TV DOMESTIC AND/OR FOREIGN TERRORIST-BASED CONVENTIONAL AND/OR IMPROVISED BOMBING ATTACKS IN AMERICA IN AFTERMATH OF ALLEGED THEFT OF 61,000-LBS OF DYNO GLOBAL-MANUFACTURED AMONIUM NITRATE (WHICH WAS COINCIDENTALLY USED IN THE OKLAHOMA CITY TRUCK BOMBING) WHILE EN ROUTE BY FREIGHT TRAIN FROM WYOMING TO CALIFORNIA BACK ON APRIL 12, 2023, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: A) ABORTION CLINICS AND/OR HOSPITALS; B) AFRICAN-AMERICAN-RELATED ENTITIES; C) AIRPLANES AND/OR AIRPORTS; D) BANKS, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, STOCK EXCHANGES AND/OR WALL STREET; E) ARENAS, AMUSEMENT PARKS (E.G., DISNEYLAND, DISNEY WORLD, MAGIC MOUNTAIN, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, ETC.) AND/OR STADIUMS; F) BARS, CLUBS, DISCOS AND/OR STRIP CLUBS; G) BRIDGES, DAMS, FREEWAYS AND/OR OTHER INFRASTRUCTURE; H) CASINOS AND/OR RESORTS; I) CINEMAS, THEATERS AND/OR FILM STUDIOS; J) CHURCHS, MOSQUES, TEMPLES AND/OR SYNAGOGUES; K) COLLEGES, DAY CARES, KINDERGARTENS, ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS, MIDDILE SCHOOLS, HIGH SCHOOLS AND/OR UNIVERSITIES; L) CONCERTS AND/OR SPORTING EVENTS; M) COMMUNICATION, MEDIA AND/OR TELEVISION-RELATED ENTITIES; N) ELECTRIC, INTERNET AND/OR POWER GRID-RELATED ENTITIES; O) HOTELS AND/OR MOTELS; P) JEWISH AND/OR MUSLIM-RELATED ENTITIES; Q) LGBTQI-RELATED ENTITIES; R) LOCAL, STATE AND/OR FEDERAL-RELATED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES; S) MALLS AND/OR SHOPPING CENTERS; T) OIL AND/OR NATURAL GAS-RELATED ENTITIES; U) POLICE, LAW ENFORCEMENT AND/OR US BORDER PATROL-RELATED ENTITIES; V) STATE CAPITOL BUILDINGS; W) TECH COMPANIES (E.G., AMAZON, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, TWITTER, ETC.); X) TRAINS AND/OR TRAIN STATIONS; Y) US ARMED FORCES-RELATED ENTITIES; AND/OR Z) UNITED STATES CAPITOL BUILDING (MAY 22, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Made-for-TV Conventional and/or Improvised Bombing Attacks in America on Night of May 22, 2023, Exactly 40-Days After CIA Staged Disappearance of 61,000-Lbs of Ammonium Nitrate While Aboard a Freight Train from Wyoming to California Back on April 12, 2023, Exactly 108-Days After CIA Staged Derailment of ‘Norfolk Southern’ Freight Train in East Palestine, Ohio Which Resulted in Explosion of Hazardous Material (Which was Specifically Designed to Foreshadow Freight Train Cargo-Based Explosion in America at Later Date) Back on February 3, 2023, Exactly 625-Days After (17) Cars Were Allegedly Stolen from Car Dealership in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Which Likely Provided Logistics Cover for Impending Attacks) Back on September 4, 2021, Exactly 691-Days After CIA Staged Tractor Trailer-Based Bombing Attack Targeting Los Angeles, California Under the Guise of an Accidental Fireworks Explosion Back on June 30, 2021, Exactly 878-Days After CIA Staged RV-Based Bombing Attack Targeting Downtown Nashville, Tennessee Back on December 25, 2020, Exactly 5,601-Days After Television Series Entitled ‘Breaking Bad’ Premiered on Television (Which Featured Chemical Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED)-Related Explosion) Back on January 20, 2008, Exactly 10,260-Days After CIA Staged Rental Truck-Based Bombing of the Murrow US Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Back on April 19, 1995, & Exactly 11,560-Days After Pre-Truck Bombing Propaganda Film Entitled ‘Time Bomb’ Premiered in Theaters Back on September 27, 1991     

Posted: May 22, 2023 in Breaking News

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