OPERATION BIG BANG THEORY: NORTH KOREA: CIA PLOTTING MAY 29, 2023, MADE-FOR-TV APOCALYPTIC EXPLOSION(S) TARGETING DMZ (DEMILITARIZED ZONE), HAMHUNG, NAMP’O, KAESONG, SEA OF JAPAN, SUNCH’ON, YELLOW SEA AND/OR GREATER NORTH KOREA, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: A) ASTEROID AND/OR COMET STRIKE; B) ALIEN ATTACK, UFO CRASH LANDING AND/OR UNEXPLAINED PARANORMAL PHEMOMENON; C) CHEMICAL EXPLOSION; D) DIRTY BOMB EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; E) GAS EXPLOSION; F) NUCLEAR ARTILLERY SHELL EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; G) NUCLEAR BOMB, MISSILE AND/OR TORPEDO ATTACK/STRIKE; H) NUCLEAR BUNKER EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; I) NUCLEAR MUNITIONS DEPOT EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; J) NUCLEAR CRUISE MISSILE EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; K) NUCLEAR LABORATORY EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; L) NUCLEAR-LADEN AIRCRAFT, SHIP, SUBMARINE AND/OR VEHICLE EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN (E.G., RSD-10 PIONEER (SS-20 SABER), TUPOLEV TU-95, TUPOLEV TU-160, ETC.); M) NUCLEAR MISSILE EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN (E.G., UR-100N (SS-19 STILETO), RT-23 MOLODETS (SS-24 SCALPEL), ETC.); N) NUCLEAR MISSILE SILO EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; O) NUCLEAR MUNITIONS DEPOT EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; P) NUCLEAR POWER STATION EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; Q) NUCLEAR-POWERED SHIP AND/OR SUBMARINE EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; R) NUCLEAR REACTOR EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN (E.G., CHERNOBYL, FUKUSHIMA, ETC.); S) NUCLEAR ROCKETS EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; T) NUCLEAR TORPEDO EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; U) NUCLEAR TEST; V) NUCLEAR INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILES EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; W) NUCLEAR WARHEAD EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; X) SUBMARINE-BASED NUCLEAR TORPEDO ATTACK; Y) TACTICAL NUCLEAR WEAPON (I.E., SUITCASE NUKE) EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR MELTDOWN; AND/OR Z) URANIUM EXPLOSION, FIRE AND/OR SPILL (MAY 24, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Apocalyptic Nuclear-Like Explosion(s) Targeting the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Hamhung, Namp’o, Kaesong, Pyongyang, Sea of Japan, Sunch’on, Yellow Sea and/or Greater North Korea on MAY 29, 2023, Exactly 698-Days After Kim Jo-Jong Warned the United States to ‘Refrain from Causing a Stink’ if it Wants to ‘Sleep in Peace’ for the Next Four Years Back on March 16, 2021, Exactly 971-Days After CIA Staged North Korean Bombing of North Korean-South Korean Liaison Office in Kaesong, North Korea (Which Likely Provided Logistics Cover for Impending Attack) Back on June 16, 2020, Exactly 1,237-Days After Rogue Soviet Era Nuclear Missile Entitled ‘Stiletto Six’ was Featured in USA Network’s ‘Treadstone’ Television Show Back on September 24, 2019, Exactly 1,284-Days After CIA Staged the Nyonoksa Nuclear Explosion (Under Guise of Accidental Nuclear Missile Explosion) at the Russian State Central Navy Testing Range Located in Severodvinsk SeArkhangelsk Oblast, Russia Back on August 8, 2019, Exactly 1,965-Days After CIA Staged Apocalyptic Ammunition Depot Explosion at Kalynivka, Ukraine Back on September 26, 2017, Exactly 2,529-Days After Rogue North Korean Submarine Allegedly Disappeared Back on March 11, 2016, Exactly 4,075–Days After Kim Jong-Un Became Supreme Leader (i.e., Dictator) of North Korea Back on December 17, 2011, Exactly 5,970-Days After CIA Staged First-Ever North Korean Nuclear Test Featuring Estimated 1-2-Kiloton Explosion at Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site in Kilju County, North Korean Back on October 9, 2006, & Exactly 25,402-Days After the CIA Founded the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Between North Korea & South Korea Back on July 27, 1953

Posted: May 24, 2023 in Breaking News

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