OPERATION EXORCIST OBAMA: CIA PLOTTING MAY 28, 2023, MADE-FOR-TV RACE WAR-RELATED ATTACK, HOAX, PUBLICITY STUNT, PSYOP AND/OR TERROR EVENT FEATURING AND/OR TARGETING FORMER US PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, WIFE MICHELLE OBAMA, DAUGHTER MALIA OBAMA AND/OR DAUGHTER SASHA OBAMA (POSSIBLY DEEPFAKE IN NATURE) SPECIFICALLY TO TRIGGER ESCALATING WAVE OF AGENT PROVOCATEUR (E.G., ANTIFA, BLACK LIVES MATTER (BLM), STOP COP CITY (SCC), ETC.)-BASED ARSON ATTACKS, MASS LOOTINGS, MASS SHOOTINGS, RACE RIOTS, RACE WAR ATTACKS (AND RETALIATORY RACE WAR ATTACKS), RAMMING ATTACKS, SMASH & GRAB ATTACKS AND/OR VANDALIZATION ATTACKS ACROSS AMERICA AS PRETEXT FOR MARTIAL LAW (MAY 25, 2023): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting False-Flag Event Targeting Former President Barack Hussein Obama and/or Family on May 28, 2023, Exactly 199-Days After CIA Staged Discovery of Noose at Obama Presidential Center Construction Site in Chicago, Illinois Back on (Which was Specifically Designed to Foreshadow and Set Precedent for Terror Event Targeting Obama at Later Date) November 10, 2022, Exactly 1,071-Days After African-American NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Allegedly Found Noose Hanging in His Garage at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama Back on June 21, 2020, Exactly 1,499-Days After CIA Staged FBI Arrest of the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP) Militia Leader Larry Mitchell Hopkins for Alleged Plot to Assassinate Barack Hussein Obama Back on April 20, 2019, Exactly 1,580-Days After CIA Staged False-Flag Race War Attack Featuring Bleach and Noose Targeting African-American Actor Jussie Smollett (Which was Specifically Designed to Foreshadow and Set Precedent for Race War Attack Hoax Targeting Fellow Chicagoan Obama at Later Date) in Chicago, Illinois Back on January 29, 2019, Exactly 1,669-Days After CIA Staged Mail Bombing Hoax Targeting Barack Hussein Obama Back on November 1, 2018, Exactly 2,232-Days After CIA Released First Viral Deepfake Video Entitled, ‘You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video!’, Back on April 17, 2017, Exactly 2,319-Days After the Obama Family Moved Out of the White House in Washington, DC Back on January 20, 2017, Exactly 2,617-Days After Whistle-Blower Journalist David Chase Taylor Published, ‘OBAMA 666: Will America’s First Dictator Please Stand Up?’, Back on March 28, 2016, Exactly 5,389-Days After ‘TMZ’ Published Report Entitled, ‘Obama Assassination Plot?’ (Which Featured Photoshopped Photo of Obama in Aftermath of Being Assassinated) Back on August 25, 2008, & Exactly 22,4577-Days After Barack Hussein Obama was Born in Honolulu, Hawaii Back on August 4, 1961

Posted: May 25, 2023 in Breaking News

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