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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Because I, David Chase Taylor officially applied for political asylum in Switzerland on July 17, 2015, the state-sponsored terror plots and so-called “natural disasters” I expose rarely come to fruition. In short, the Swiss CIA does not want to afford me any more credibility or publicity than they have to, lest they turn me into a modern-day prophet. They also do not want to provide yet another open-and-shut case as to why I deserve political asylum. For those wondering why I would apply for political asylum in Switzerland, consider this: a) I originally applied for asylum in Switzerland on March 8, 2011, roughly 2-years before I discovered that Switzerland was harboring the CIA; and b) the CIA has historically not shat were it eats in Switzerland. That being said, the CIA has now been exposed for the first time in history. Consequently, they are extremely desperate and may assassinate me Switzerland.

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David Chase Taylor
August 1, 2015

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that the Obama administration (at the behest of the CIA in Switzerland) is plotting a full-scale terror attack on Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and/or Disneyland in Anaheim, California. That being said, Disney Cruise Line ships and/or Disneyland Paris could also be targeted.

A Disney-related terror attack will likely be scapegoated onto new-Nazi-like domestic terrorists in the United States, and/or Islamic terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda or ISIS. Said terrorist will likely execute a bio-chemical attack on a Disney-related entity, sparking the bio-terror pandemic planned for 2015.

As depicted in the Bio-Terror Bible, the genesis of the 2015 bio-terror pandemic will be a “made-for-TV event” whereby millions will witness a bio-terror outbreak in person and on “live” television. The staged bio-terror event will likely occur when the agents known as anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) and/or smallpox (Variola major) are released into a controlled environment such as a Disney theme park.

If and when terror strikes Walt Disney World and/or Disneyland, the attack will predictably be caught on video by thousands of smartphones and instantly uploaded onto the web and social media networks (e.g., Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). The shocking footage of innocent children being killed will be replayed ad nauseam in calculated bid to terrorize the world and demonize America for eternity.

In what appears to be pre-Walt Disney World terror logistics, it was reported back on May 8, 2015, that firefighters evacuated the Animal Kingdom ride at Walt Disney World. Two weeks later on May 22, 2015, Disney’s Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train ride reportedly froze, resulting in the subsequent evacuation of the ride.

Whether the aforementioned evacuations provided the necessary cover for the installation of bio-chemical weapons and/or explosives inside Walt Disney World is not known, but it’s highly likely. Said weapons and/or explosives could be utilized at a later date in a coordinated state-sponsored terror attack.

Back on May 22, 2015, the FBI reportedly arrested two men in Anaheim on ISIS-related charges. The arrests were likely staged or fabricated by the CIA in order to foreshadow the notion that Disneyland (which is located in Anaheim, California) is under the threat of Islamic terror.

In what appears to be a Roman-like blood sacrifice to a successful Disney-related terror attack, it was reported on June 1, 2015, that a Disney Cruise Line officer was found dead in the Bahamas, hanging from a rope in the Disney Dream, a Disney Cruise Line ship.

Mumbai-Like Attack on Orlando
In the event that the attack on Disney World is foiled, it’s highly likely that the city of Orlando (home to Disney World) will suffer a Mumbai-like terror attack in which multiple locations are attack simultaneously by state-sponsored terrorists. In what appears to be one of the slated targeted, it was reported back on July 4, 2015, that 66 riders were evacuated after the 400-foot Florida Ferris wheel which inexplicably stopped in midair in Orlando. Whether the timely evacuation provided the necessary cover for the installation of weapons and/or explosives within the Florida Ferris ride is not known, but it’s highly likely. Said weapons and/or explosives could be utilized at a later date in a coordinated state-sponsored terror attack. A day later on July 5, 2015, it was reported that a fire ravaged parts of the Avanti hotel on Orlando’s ‘I-Drive’. Whether the timely fire provided the necessary cover for the installation of weapons and/or explosives within the Avanti hotel is not known, but it’s highly likely. Said weapons and/or explosives could be utilized at a later date in a coordinated state-sponsored terror attack. In what appears to be a Roman-like blood sacrifice offered to a successful hotel terror attack in 2015, it was also reported on July 5, 2015, that Austin police killed a man suspected of killing someone in a hotel lobby. The timely report was also designed to invoke hotel-related terror just prior to a hotel-related terror attack.

Top Disney Terror Targets:

1. Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida)
2. Disneyland (Anaheim, California)
3. Disney Cruise Line (Caribbean, Europe & United States)
4. Disneyland Paris (Paris, France)

9/11-Style Disney Attack
The impending Disney-related bio-terror attack will likely feature a 9/11-style aerial attack, possibly by the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 which was explicitly hijacked by the Swiss CIA on March 8, 2014, in order to execute a surprise WMD attack on America. In order to raise the notion of planes flying over Disney parks just prior to a 9/11-style attack on the iconic amusement park, it was reported back on November 14, 2014, that Disneyland and Walt Disney World are keeping their mysterious no-fly zone over their respective parks.

Florida Special Forces Drill
In what appears to be the slated terror drill for a full-scale attack on Walt Disney World, it was revealed back on March 17, 2015, that U.S. Special Operations held an urban warfare drills in Broward County, roughly 210 miles away from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. According to reports, the drill involved over 200 military personnel from the four branches of the U.S. military (i.e., Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy). In the event that a successful bio-terror attack is executed on Walt Disney World, said military branches will be tasked with quarantining Disney patrons and local citizens. Coincidentally, it was revealed on March 29, 2015, that a new video shows U.S. troops training to intern citizens in Fort Lauderdale.

Amusement Park Terror Trending
Prior to a high-profile amusement park-related terror attack, the world must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Fraudulent headlines and fabricated events are a slick way of convincing people that yes, it can happen. As evidenced amusement park-related headlines are now at an all-time high which suggests that a state-sponsored terror attack on amusement parks is imminent.

Amusement Park Terror Timeline:

1. January 21, 2015: 2 women die after passing out on attractions at Disney World last year
2. March 8, 2015: Spanish dolphin trainer found dead after being promoted at Georgia aquarium
3. March 26, 2015: Worker struck by new roller coaster during testing at park
4. March 28, 2015: Six Flags to cut 18,000 trees to go solar
5. March 29, 2015: New York roller coaster mishap briefly strands riders
6. April 19, 2015: Riders get stuck on Carowinds ride; third time in three weeks
7. May 2, 2015: SeaWorld cited over safety of trainers who work with orcas
8. May 8, 2015: Tourists flock to experience ‘death simulator’ at Chinese amusement park
9. May 16, 2015: 1 killed, 1 injured in shooting near water park in Kansas City, Missouri
10. May 29, 2015: Navy veteran dies after falling from ‘FreeDrop’ attraction at San Bernardino County Fair
11. June 3, 2015: At least 4 seriously injured after roller coaster collision at England theme park
12. June 14, 2015: 2 injured in California amusement park roller-coaster accident
13. June 16, 2015: California girl, 10, who lost consciousness following roller coaster ride dies
14. June 28, 2015: More than 500 injured in fire at Taiwan water park
15. July 4, 2015: 66 riders evacuated after 400-foot Florida Ferris wheel stops
16. July 5, 2015: Woman struck by bullet while at Pennsylvania amusement park

[Does not purport to be a complete list of
amusement park-related headlines]


Disney Bio-Terror
Ever since 9/11, intelligence agencies have been drooling about a Disney bio-terror attack. According to a December 29, 2002, article entitled, “Another Attack: It Can Happen Here”, a future attack could entail “suicide terrorists” infected with deadly smallpox circulate through Disneyland…triggering an uncontainable epidemic on a yet-to-be-vaccinated population, forcing mass closures of schools and businesses and sending the economy into free-fall.” Then on March 9, 2010, Burbank, California, home to the Walt Disney Corporation, purchased state-of-the-art bioterror detection equipment, an ominous sign that Disney related bio-terror may be imminent. A couple years later on July 25, 2012, a report revealed that Disney health officials were investigating the link between dozens of illnesses and the Animal Kingdom Tour after patrons were hospitalized with nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. Roughly 6 months later on February 22, 2013, it was reported that a Long Island teen died of “mysterious illness” during a Disneyland school trip, further foreshadowing that a bio-terror pandemic may be planned for Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Lastly, roughly 2-months later on April 17, 2015, California officials reportedly declared the Disneyland-linked measles outbreak over, drawing unprecedented media attention to the outbreak just prior to a state-sponsored bio-terror attack.

Disney Measles Outbreak
In order to acclimate the public to the notion of a Disney-related biological pandemic, a measles outbreak has been linked to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Whether or not this alleged outbreak is actually transpiring in reality is not known, but it has programmed the public for a Disney-related pandemic nonetheless. The first report was published on January 8, 2015, when it was revealed that trips to Disney theme parks in California have been linked to measles cases. Less than 24-hours later on January 9, 2015, it was reported that 19 measles cases have now been tied to Disney theme parks in California. Eleven days later on January 21, 2015, health officials stated that 5 Disneyland employees were infected in measles outbreak. Two days later on January 23, 2015, it was reported that the Disneyland measles outbreak has now spread to 6 states. Needless to say, the allegedly rapid outbreak of measles is uncharacteristic of measles in general for it is only spread through respiration (contact with fluids from an infected person’s nose and mouth, either directly or through aerosol transmission via coughing or sneezing). Therefore, the notion that these employees and patrons of Disneyland all shared the same body fluids is highly unlikely.

Orlando Disney Dry Run

Orlando Airline Terror Memo
The notion that Walt Disney World may be attacked 9/11-style was confirmed back on October 10, 2013, when it was reported that a new terror memo entitled “Bringing Sown an Airliner Continues to be the Gold Standard of Terrorism” warned that two recent flights between Orlando and Washington, D.C., may have been test runs for potential terrorists. According to the report, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confirmed that four men caught the attention of federal air marshals on board US Airways flight 1880 from Washington, D.C., to Orlando, Florida on September 2, 2013. Intelligence agencies often plant stories about Islamic terrorists just prior to domestic terror attacks in order to condition the public for the upcoming terror attacks as well as imply that domestic and foreign terrorists are working together.

“Escape from Tomorrow”
Prior to a high-profile terror attack on Disneyland or Walt Disney World, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. “Escape from Tomorrow” (2013) is a film (see trailer) about a frustrated man who begins to lose his grip on reality during a trip to Disney World. The so-called “indie film” was shot guerrilla-style at both Disneyland and Disney World without permission from the Walt Disney Co. Instead of being sued by Disney in court for illegal use of the park and obvious trademark infringement, “Escape from Tomorrow” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and will be available on video-on-demand and in select theaters on October 18, 2013. The trailer for the black-and-white film states, “Bad thing happen everywhere…especially here”. In an ominous sign of things to come, the movie poster for “Escape from Tomorrow” depicts what appears to be Mickey Mouse’s hand covered in blood.

Obama-Disney Terror Connection
In what appears to be pre-Disney terror legal maneuvering by the Obama administration, it was reported on October 15, 2013, that attorney Michael Strautmanis, former deputy assistant to Barack Obama and current Chief Counsel and the Director of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs on Obama’s presidential transition team, has become Vice President of Corporate Citizenship at the Walt Disney Company. In the aftermath of unprecedented “race war” terror attacks targeting a Disney theme park, Strautmanis, will likely head up the legal team responsible for managing public relations. Since Strautmanis is currently working for both Disney and the Obama administration, the White House will effectively have command and control over any Disney investigation into the attack. Strautmanis will also have the bully pulpit of Disney’s numerous ABC TV Networks and TV channels to ridicule, sideline and stall any real or independent investigation into the attacks. In what appears to be a media stunt to bring unprecedented media attention to both Obama and Disney just prior to a terror attack, Bloomberg News published a report on April 17, 2014, entitled “Disney Offers Obama Minimum Wage to Florida Park Workers”. Although impossible to know, this Obama-related raise may be cited as the “motive” for a veteran-based terror attack by a Disney employee.

AF Disney 1

Disney “Race War” Terror Attack
Prior to executing “race war” terror attacks against a Disney theme park, the notion that white supremacists (e.g., neo-Nazis, KKK members or skinheads) planned to attack the park must be established. Roughly 4 years ago on November 20, 2009, it was reported that a “German Tourist” was arrested for a bomb threat against Disney World in Orlando, Florida. According to the report, 37-year-old Jochen Naumann of Leipzig, Germany, was going through a security checkpoint when he told a Disney employee that he had two bombs in his backpack. Although Naumann’s race or political affiliation was not revealed, the fact that he was from Germany and targeted Disney World with a bomb threat ultimately set the propaganda precedent for a future “race war”-like attack at the park.

Orlando Skinheads Terror Group
If an when “race war” terror attacks strike Walt Disney World, they will most likely be executed by white supremacist terrorists funded by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Orlando, Florida. Roughly 2 months after the death of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012, it was reported on May 8, 2012, that ten members of a white supremacist group training near Disney World for a “race war” had been arrested. The affidavit stated that, “The American Front (AF) is a military-styled, anti-Semitic, white supremacist, skinhead organization and is known as a domestic terrorist organization”. According to the report, the group’s alleged ringleader had been “planning and preparing the AF for what he believes to be an inevitable race war” and stated that “his intent [was to] to kill Jews, immigrants and other minorities.” Predictably, the “American Front” terrorist group was being “investigated” (i.e., organized and funded) by FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force who allegedly pulled the plug on the neo-Nazi organization after a “confidential informant came to believe his life was in danger”. In what appears to be pre-Florida “race war” terror propaganda, it was reported on October 18, 2013, that a Palm Bay, Florida, man set himself on fire while displaying a burning cross, an act usually affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan.


Skinheads at Walt Disney World
Back on December 7, 2008, roughly a month after President Obama was voted into political office, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published a report entitled “Racist Skinheads at Walt Disney World”. In the report, the SPLC stated that as many as “150 other skinheads” traveled to Disney World as part of a “celebration of “Martyr’s Day,” a high holy day of the radical right”. The Walt Disney World trip was to honor “Robert Matthews, who founded the terror group The Order and was killed in a shootout with the FBI on Dec. 8, 1984”. The report concluded that after the Disney party, skinheads posed for a photo with Ritchie Myers, the leader of Florida’s “American Front”, Forrest Fogarty, an Iraq War veteran who is also the lead singer of the hate band “Attack”, as well as a member of the Confederate Hammerskins who hosted the party. The report by SPLC, a government think-tank group, confirms that the American Front, a state-sponsored terror group, will likely be scapegoated for an attack on Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Disney & US Military Veterans
In what appears to be pre-Disney terror pasty planting, it was reported back on March 31, 2012, that at the Walt Disney Company’s Annual Shareholder meeting in Kansas City, President and Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Iger announced “Heroes Work Here”, a new company-wide initiative to hire, train and support returning U.S. military veterans. As part of the initiative, “Disney will provide at least 1,000 jobs and career opportunities for returning U.S. veterans over the next three years, support military families and veterans during their transition into civilian life, and launch a national public awareness campaign to encourage all employers across the U.S. to hire veterans”. Roughly 18 months later on September 11, 2013, it was reported that Disney World will hold a workshop in November to encourage other companies to hire U.S. military veterans. According to the report, the workshop will feature experts from Disney’s own veteran-hiring program, government officials and veterans’ service organizations. Since starting its own program in 2012, Disney has hired 2,200 veterans, including 1,500 in central Florida. As recently witnessed on May 29, 2013, when a Disneyland worker was arrested in a dry-ice bomb case, if and when a Disney terror strikes, it will be executed with the help of Disney employees—most likely U.S. military veterans.

Disney 2015

Disneyland Paris Attack
While a Walt Disney World terror attack is the most likely terror scenario, it was revealed on January 10, 2015, that a Disney hotel at Euro Disney in Paris, France was evacuated. Whether the timely evacuation provided the necessary cover for the installation of weapons and/or explosives is not known, but it’s highly likely. Said weapons and/or explosives could be utilized at a later date in a state-sponsored terror attack. Later that day, it was also reported that woman in her 30s threatened to blow up the Disney Hotel. Needless to say, it appears as if a state-sponsored terror attack on the park is imminent.

Disney Magic Bio-Terror

2013 Disney Magic Terror Plot
Back on October 15, 2013, published a report entitled “Islamic Terrorist Invasion of America: Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and Syrian Rebel Assault on U.S. Homeland Imminent”. The report stated that Spain would be the launching point for a terrorist laden ship heading to America. Coincidentally, 48-hours later on October 17, 2013, it was revealed that the cruise ship entitled the “Disney Magic”, which had been previously dry docked in Cadiz, Spain after undergoing a timely 6-week renovation, crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Cadiz to Miami, Florida without any passengers. Evidently, the ship was to be hijacked by Islamic terrorists in Spain and sailed to American shores laden with a deadly concoction of bio-chemical weapons. However, since the aforementioned terror plot was ultimately foiled, a new plot involving the Disney Magic has been created.

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of, a state-sponsored terror whistle-blower website. Taylor lives in Zurich, Switzerland where he is currently in the process of applying for political asylum since the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Taylor recently authored Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now, a book and website exposing the true power structure of the world, especially in respect to Greenland and its primary proxy state of Switzerland which is home to the CIA. Taylor has also published The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the global bio-terror pandemic planned for 2015. To date, Taylor has blown the whistle on over 100 state-sponsored terror plots, including the 2012 Democratic National Convention Terror Plot, the 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the 2014 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot, the Terrorgate Scandal, the 2014 Memorial Day Massacre, the man-made asteroid attack planned for 2014, and the drone strike which killed “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker. Taylor was also the first to expose Alex Jones’ treacherous links to STRATFOR and is noted for the 10 reasons why the Rosetta Comet landing was a hoax.

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