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UPDATE II: As surmised, a verdict was issued on day 4 of the Micheal Dunn trial. Although there was a mistrial in respect to the charge of first-degree murder, Dunn was found guilty of three counts of attempted second-degree murder and one count of firing into an occupied vehicle. Dunn, who is scheduled to be sentenced on March 24, 2014, will likely receive 20-30 years in prison for each of the second-degree murder counts and up to 15 years in prison for firing into an occupied vehicle. The “guilty” verdict essentially make the controversial case disappear with relatively little fanfare, a big win for those trying to keep the peace.

On February 15, 2014, the 4th day of jury deliberation in the Micheal Dunn trial, a group of predominantly African-American protestors began loudly chanting outside of the courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Based simply on their presence on this day and none other, it can be surmised that a verdict will be reached today. Whether or not the protests will turn violent is not yet known, but due to the fact that the case has now been exposed, a mistrial or retrial is likely.

David Chase Taylor
February 14, 2014

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Within the next few days, a predominantly white jury in Jacksonville, Florida, will issue a verdict in highly contentious Jordan Davis murder case. In short, Michael Davis Dunn is a 47-year old white male who is being charged with first-degree murder after allegedly firing his 9mm pistol 9 or 10 times into an SUV containing 4 African-American teenagers—allegedly killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis in the process.

However, a closer look at the evidence (or lack thereof) surrounding the alleged shooting of one Jordan Davis in Jacksonville, Florida, on November 23, 2012, and the very authenticity of the case begins to fall apart. Since Dunn’s defense is based solely on Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law, it would appear that the entire Jordan Davis murder case is an elaborate publicity stunt that is being perpetrated onto the public with the end goal of starting a civil war in America over the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.

In the aftermath of a “not guilty” verdict, it is highly likely that state-sponsored race riots will commence in one or more Southern cities (e.g., Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, New Orleans, etc.). In the event that Dunn is convicted as charged, state-sponsored terrorists posing as white supremacists may launch “revenge” attacks on African-Americans within the state of Florida or elsewhere. Regardless of the outcome, the verdict will be no doubt be used as a weapon to incite racial division and turmoil within the United States.

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Evidence and events surrounding the Jordan Davis murder case are highly suspect, not to mention its cast of shady characters. Aside from both appearing and acting like a federal agent of the U.S. government, Michael Dunn’s behavior in the immediate aftermath of the alleged shooting is so bizarre and unconscionable that it seems to have been derived from a tacky Hollywood movie script. In other words, the case has been purposely designed to be racially insensitive and cognitively offensive so that if and when Dunn is not found “not guilty” the collective reaction will be one of profound shock.

The murder case as currently portrayed in the media clearly shows gross negligence on behalf of Michael Dunn. Any “non-racist” jury should conclude that Dunn’s actions were illegal, belligerent and completely unwarranted. That being said, Dunn, like George Zimmerman, will likely be found “not guilty” by the predominantly white jury—which is exactly the plan. That way, state-sponsored terrorists can incite riots across the South which would then be scapegoated onto outraged African-Americans which would likely take to the streets in the aftermath of a “not guilty” verdict. In essence, the entire case has been premeditatively constructed to portray Dunn as a closet racist who didn’t blink twice about killing a black teenager over loud rap music.

Jordan David Photos

Will the Real Jordan Davis Please Stand Up?
Based on the preliminary evidence acquired to date, it appears that Jordan Davis is not the 17-year old high school student that the media and his adopted family say he is. Rather, the real Jordan Davis (or the person purporting to be Jordan Davis) is a 20-something year-old former U.S. Air Force cadent (see below) who may have died in war, but most definitely not from the barrel of Dunn’s 9mm. As depicted in the July 5, 2013, report entitled, “Trayvon Martin is Older Brother Jahvaris Fulton”, the George Zimmerman murder case was a complete hoax because the boy alleged to be Trayvon Martin was the man pretending to be Trayvon’s older brother (i.e., Jahvaris Fulton). It was only because this shocking secret was exposed that the Zimmerman trial ended peacefully. Like the Trayvon Martin case before it, the Jordan Davis case appears to be a political ruse with the underlying goal of inciting race and gun-related violence in America.

Jordan Davis U.S. Air Force

U.S. Air Force Hoax
Based on the fact that the person purporting to be Jordan Davis is pictured in a photo wearing the official uniform of the U.S. Air Force while posing in front of the flag of the U.S. Air Force, it can be ascertained that likeness of Jordan Davis was enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at some point prior to his death. As evidenced in the June 6, 2013, Huffington Post report, Jordan Davis is depicted in the U.S. Air Force photo which clearly features the terms “Air Force” and “2010”. Back in 2010, a 17-year old Jordan Davis would have only been 15-years of age, hardly old enough to serve in the U.S. military. If Jordan Davis was at least 18-years old at the time he enlistment in the U.S. Air Force Academy back in 2010, he would have been at least 20-years old at the time that he was allegedly killed by Michael Dunn. Either way, those intimately involved in the Jordan Davis murder case are lying about who Jordan Davis really is. The young man in the U.S. Air Force photo may have died while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq, but he surely did not die on November 23, 2012, in Jacksonville Florida.

The “Jordan” Brand
It appears that the name of “Jordan Davis” was specifically chosen so that African-Americans would more closely identify with his death. The Air Jordan brand of NBA legend Michael Jordan is one of the most popular and most recognizable brands in America, especially among African-Americans. When people think “Jordan” they think of basketball which has historically been dominated by African-Americans. Coincidentally, just days before the verdict will be issued in the murder trial of Jordan Davis, Michael Jordan’s wife delivered twin babies on February 12, 2014. Michael Dunn’s trial, which was originally set for September 23, 2013, was evidently postponed to coincide with the birth of Jordan’s twins as well as the 2014 NBA All-Star Game (see below). With every newspaper and television station in the world talking about Michael Jordan’s new babies, the case of one Jordan Davis suddenly becomes far more relevant, at least psychologically speaking. The name of “Jordan Davis” may have been stolen from the real Jordan Davis who is a football player at the University of Georgia. Coincidentally, the real Jordan Davis is from Thomson, Georgia, which is only 118 miles away from where the likeness of Jordan Davis allegedly grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Since the real Jordan Davis is a rising football star, there is a fairly good chance he may eventually play in the NFL. Should this happen, the sporting world would have a constant reminder of the Jordan Davis murder case which may end in bloody race riots. In other words, the very name of Jordan Davis would rehash horrific memories for race-based violence for years to come.

NBA All-Star Game
Back on Sunday, February 26, 2012, the night that George Zimmerman allegedly shot and killed one Trayvon Martin, issued a terror waning in respect to a “race war” terror attack that was slated to occur at the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando, Florida. Evidently, anticipating a violent riot that weekend, the FBI, DHS and the NBA erected an 8-foot security fence around Amway Arena, something unprecedented in NBA history. Because Michael Dunn’s trial, which was originally set for September 23, 2013, was ultimately postponed, the verdict will likely be issued during the 2014 NBA All-Star Game weekend which will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 14-16, 2014. The alleged murder of Trayvon Martin as well as the impending verdict of the Jordan Davis murder case appears to have been premeditatively scheduled to coincide with the NBA All-Star game—the question is, why? The logic behind this impeccable timing was evidently to allow Freemasons in the NBA to pimp out the tragic death of a young African-American boy at the hands of an allegedly racist white man while a majority of the African-American community is watching.


Bullets from Every Angle
In his testimony to the courtroom, Michael Dunn told the jury that he spotted about 4 inches of an object in the window frame that resembled a 12-gauge shotgun. At that point, feeling threatened, Dunn unholstered his gun and opened fire from the passenger seat of his car. This story was corroborated in a prior CNN interview in which Ron Davis, Jordan’s alleged father, who stated that both Dunn and Jordan were in their respective cars at the time of the shooting (see video: 8:05-8:12). Considering that Dunn’s black Volkswagen Jetta and Jordan’s red Dodge Durango were parked alongside of each other in from the of gas station at the time of the shooting, the trajectory of the 9 or 10 bullet holes found in the SUV suggest that they could not have been fired solely from the driver’s seat of the parked Jetta. As evidenced in the photo, the angle of the bullet holes confirms a spray pattern from right to left (or vice versa), only a few of which Dunn could have replicated from a stationary shooting position in the driver’s side seat of his car.

Jordan’s SUV Disappears
In a February 8, 2014 USA Today article, it was reported that the male African-American occupants of the SUV (i.e., the Dodge Durango) may have discarded their weapons during the “brief time” they drove away from the scene to escape the shooting. Inexplicably, the Durango and her victims reportedly returned to the gas station to seek help for the now fatally injured Jordan Davis. Most people with a severely wounded friend who was just shot 3-times would call 911 or immediately drive to a local hospital, yet Jordan’s friends inexplicably returned to a gas station for “help”. What exactly happened to the Durango when it left the gas station is not known, but the fact that it returned to the scene of the crime without ever seeking medical attention is highly suspect to say the very least. When away for a “brief time”, the vehicle could have been easily tampered with and bodies could have been added or subtracted from the vehicle. Even stranger, the crime scene evidence technician testified during the trial stated that he arrived to the gas station about 1.5 hours after the shooting has taken place. In theory, the entire murder scene could have been arranged and rearranged numerous times prior to any real evidence being taken into police custody.

Was Jordan Davis Homeschooled?
According to reports, Jordan Davis was from Atlanta, Georgia, which is approximately 365 miles away from Jacksonville, Florida. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Jordan’s purported mother, Lucy McBath, stated that Jordan was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and that she “homeschooled him” (see video: 9:05-9:11) . If Jordan was at his parents’ home in Jacksonville at the time of the shooting, whom does he live with in Atlanta and how does she home-school him from Florida? In the June 6, 2013, Huffington Post report, it was revealed that Jordan Davis “would have graduated from Samuel W. Wolfson High School in Jacksonville yesterday” and that “School administrators honored [Jordan] by presenting an honorary high school diploma to his parents”. Obviously, Jordan cannot be simultaneously homeschooled and enrolled in public school which obviously begs certain questions in respect to Jordan Davis’ education.

Character Assassination of Dunn
When Michael David Dunn’s alleged fiancée Rhonda Rouer took the witness stand on February 11, 2014, she brilliantly performed the role of character assassin. From the onset, Rouer systematically painted Dunn as a closet racist who was half-drunk when he purposely gunned down an innocent African-American teenager; a more treacherous fiancé could not be found. Rouer testified that when the couple pulled into the gas station, Dunn stated “I hate that thug music” just prior to the shooting. Rouer also testified that she and Dunn had been drinking that Thanksgiving weekend prior to the shooting and that after it had taken place, they returned to their hotel where Dunn subsequently ordered pizza and consumed even more alcohol. In the most damning testimony, Rouer repeatedly stated that Dunn made no mention of a shotgun, stick, firearm barrel, lead pipe or weapon inside the Durango during the drive from the gasoline station to their hotel, at the hotel, or during their 2.5-hour drive back home the next morning. Rouer’s statement cut away any legal standing Dunn hoped to find under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Evidently, the end game of Rouer’s testimony was to make Dunn out to be a racist liar so that if and when the predominantly white jury issues a “not guilty” verdict, the African-American community will be outraged, possibly to the point of violence.  Although they were girlfriend and boyfriend at the time of the alleged shooting, Dunn and Rouer are now reportedly engaged to be married. It appears that the engagement was made in order to make Rouer’s testimony look even more credible under oath.


The Political Agenda behind Jordan Davis
Aside from the fact that press credentials for Michael David Dunn’s trial were approved for 178 journalists and 24 news organizations, the Jordan Davis murder case has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, as well as in a “Rolling Stone” article entitled “A Most American Way to Die”. Jordan Davis was also featured on the cover of the popular African-American magazine JET along with the provocative question: “Is Your Child Next?”. The shocking JET cover was obviously created to incite fear within the African-American community that young black boys are now being hunted by whites. While in Washington, D.C., Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi even invited Jordan Davis’ alleged parents to the Hearing on Gun Violence which coincidentally featured survivors of Sandy Hook Massacre, an obvious act of state-sponsored terrorism. Suffice to say, there is a political agenda behind this fraudulent murder case which intends on making Jordan Davis the poster boy for gun control legislation under Obama.

Aftermath of Jordan Davis Trial
Similar to how riots occurred in Orlando, Florida, just prior to the aforementioned 2012 NBA All-Star Game, a Christmas Day “thug riot” recently occurred in Jacksonville, Florida, on December 25, 2013. According to reports, approximately 600 black youths incited a riot in a movie theater to which 60 police officers responded to. Whether or not this mini-riot was a beta-test for a larger riot in the wake of the Jordan Davis case is not known, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was. Whether or not the Jacksonville Police Department have a “secret” riot plan like Sanford Police Department’s had for the Trayvon Martin murder case is also not known, but it too should also be expected.

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