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David Chase Taylor
June 22, 2014

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Unable to execute the Walt Disney World terror attack planned for last Halloween or the Disney World attack planned for April of 2014, it now appears that the Obama administration (at the behest of the CIA) is planning to attack one or more of the eleven Six Flags amusement parks in the United States.

Interestingly, on June 3, 2014, Six Flags Magic Mountain announced that their “Colossus” roller coaster in Valencia, California will close on August 16, 2014. Aside from formerly being the fastest and tallest wooden coaster in the world, Colossus was featured in films such as “National Lampoon’s Vacation” (1983) and on television shows like “Step-By-Step” (1991-1998), making it possibly the single most famous roller coaster in the world.

Similar to the Twin Towers on 9/11, structures slated for demolition such as Colossus are routinely featured in terror plots because: a) they have no real value, b) the owners get to collect insurance money, and c) the government handles the demolition and pays for the clean-up. In other words, it’s a win-win for Six Flags and the Obama administration who gets to execute the attack

Since hundreds and hundreds of millions of people around the world have ridden Colossus over the last 36 years, an attack on the storied coaster would be all the more terrorizing. Although Colossus could be brought down in a controlled demolition, a raging fire is the most likely terror scenario mainly because of its wooden structure.

Coincidentally, the notion of a roller coaster going up in flames was just witnessed on June 6, 2014, when the “Goliath” roller coaster at the Six Flags park in Gurnee, Illinois inexplicably caught fire. Although no one was injured in the blaze, it set the precedent for a future-like event. Just prior to horrific terror attacks, similar yet benign events tend to occur in order to condition the public for the real thing which is forthcoming.

In order to bring unprecedented media attention to amusement parks just prior to a Six Flags terror attack, Zionist intelligence operative Jimmy Fallon and Freemason tool Kevin Hart road the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida during an episode of the “The Tonight Show” on June 17, 2014. Zionists and Freemasons are routinely told what to do and say in order to sway public opinion, cause distractions, as well as create terror narratives (albeit unwittingly) just prior to terror attack.

Given the current political climate in America, especially in respect to guns, the most likely Six Flags terror scenario is a gun-related massacre which cuts down scores of innocent people inside the amusement park. Explosives such as grenades, IED’s or suicide bombers could also be used to target Six Flags, especially its large roller coasters such as Colossus.

That being said, the feds could also engineer a so-called “accident” or “natural disaster” at Six Flags (e.g., ride collapse, fire, gas explosion, melee, stampede, vehicular manslaughter, etc.) which would also kill and terrorize thousands of people inside the park. If U.S. amusement parks such as Disneyland, Disney World, Sea World and Six Flags can make it through the summer of 2014 without a major terror-related incident of some kind, it will be a miracle.

Six Flags Terror Trending
Prior to an unprecedented act of terror at a Six Flags amusement park, the American public must be lead to believe through fraudulent headlines and fabricated events that yes, it can happen. As evidenced, arrests, deaths, fires and emergencies at Six Flags parks are at an all-time high. Whether or not these incidents will culminate in an unprecedented terror attack on a Six Flags facility is not known, but the precedent has been set.

Six Flags Terror Headlines:

1. May 15, 2014: Six Flags haunted castle fire remembered 30 years later
2. June 1, 2014: 3 injured in crash at Six Flags parking lot
3. June 5, 2014: Bus Filled With Kids Catches Fire On Way to Six Flags
4. June 7, 2014: Six Flags coaster catches fire
5. June 17, 2014: 2 arrested in separate drunken Six Flags incidents, police say
6. June 18, 2014: Teen Six Flags employee reported missing
7. June 19, 2014: Man wanted for murder arrested at Six Flags
8. June 19, 2014: Sea Lion Shot In Face 5 Years Ago Becomes A Father At Six Flags
9. June 19, 2014: Woman found dead on I-65 freeway had Six Flags wristband

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines or events]

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of Taylor currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland where he has applied for political asylum after the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Taylor has also authored The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the global bio-terror pandemic planned for 2014. To date, David Chase Taylor has blown the whistle on over 100 state-sponsored terror plots, including the 2012 Democratic National Convention Terror Plot, the man-made asteroid attack planned for 2014, and the drone strike which killed “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker. Taylor was also the first to expose Alex Jones’ treacherous links to STRATFOR. Legal Disclaimer’s stated purpose is to stop terrorism by drawing unwanted global attention to terror plots prior to their fruition. Terror alerts and warnings made by DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility that they may occur based on breaking terror-related news, events and data. Historically speaking, once a false-flag terror plot is exposed (e.g., 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot), it is immediately canceled or postponed (e.g., 2014 Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot). State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, as well as mislead the public from the usual suspects of terror. Please support real citizen journalism and help make terrorism a thing of the past. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Namaste