Live Nuclear “Event” Planned for NFL Game in Boston, MA on November 24, 2013

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UDPATE II: On November 24, 2013, it was reported that a “delivery man” was assassinated in Landover, Maryland. Although not yet confirmed, it appears that 26-year-old USPS worker Tyson Barnette was the slated nuclear bomb “delivery man” in Boston nuclear terror plot. The fabricated controversy over whether or not he should have been delivering mail at 7:70 PM on a Saturday night is likely intelligence cover for the fact that Barnette was  killed on Sunday, November 24, 2013, after the terror plot was foiled. In a bid to sell the shooting to the pulic, $100, 000 has been offered as a reward for the allegedly random killing. It’s no secret that intelligence operatives has various cover jobs within the community. Evidently,  a USPS worker is one of them.

UPDATE I: In response to the historic Iranian nuclear deal signed in Switzerland, the Israeli Minister of Economy and Commerce stated on Sunday,  November 24, 2013, that “If in another five years a suitcase nuke explodes in New York or Madrid, it will be because of the deal that was signed [with Iran] this morning“. The unsubstantiated and highly racist statement,  which was meant to serve as a prophetic warning of impending Islamic nuclear terror, reveals that the Israeli government is in fact privy to the nuclear terror plot depicted herein which coincidentally features a suitcase-like nuke attack in Boston, Massachusetts, just 214 miles away from New York City.

David Chase Taylor
November 24, 2013

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — At 8:30 PM (EST) on Sunday, November 24, 2013, the Denver Broncos (9-1) will play the New England Patriots (7-3) at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The primetime game, which features the two best teams and quarterbacks in the league, will be seen on “Sunday Night Football”, the #1 rated television shows in America with over 26 million viewers.

Based on breaking news and events, it appears that a redux of the foiled nuclear terror attack on Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas, on February 6, 2011, is in order. When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated on March 5, 2013, that he was “terrified’ that an “NFL player is going to die on the field”, he was likely referencing the November 24th game.

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Suspiciously, on September 12, 2013, it was reported that undercover officers will now be at NFL games aim to “prevent excessive heckling. In the event that terror strikes the NFL, these so called undercover agents, who automatically have the highest security clearance, will most likely be responsible for either executing or orchestrating the terror attacks on the ground. 

Similarly to the 2011 Super Bowl XLV plot, the November 24, 2013 nuclear terror plot will be scapegoated onto Islamic terrorists, namely Pakistani terrorists who want revenge for the death of Osama bin Laden and recent drone strikes by President Obama. The notion that Pakistan is selling nuclear weapons was first published on November 6, 2013, when it was reported that Saudi Arabia has a nuclear weapon ‘on order’ from Pakistan. Predictably, the terrorist nuke would be snuck into the United States via Mexico, most likely through the state of Arizona.

A nuclear war with Pakistan would obviously start a nuclear World War III and do wonders for President Obama whose poll numbers are at an all-time low.  When Obama recently stated that, “I’m really good at killing people”, he was evidently referring to the November 24, 2013, nuclear terror attack which will likely kill over 1 million people, conservatively.

The Boston nuclear terror attack plot depicted herein is the third time that has caught the Obama administration red-handed attempting to conduct a nuclear holocaust within the United States. Aside from the Super Bowl XLV plot, the Obama administration also sanctioned a Chinese nuclear attack on July 4, 2013, which was slated to be seen “live” worldwide after a Chinese cyber-hijack of the world’s television airwaves.

As of November 22, 2013, the Dow Jones Industrial closed above 16,000 for the first time in history, a laughable notion considering that America is obviously in a depression. Naturally, in the wake of an unprecedented nuclear terror attack, the U.S. stock markets would crash on Monday morning, likely bankrupting the U.S. economy. This was all predicted on August 8, 2013, when intelligence operative Marc Faber warned that 1987-style crash is coming.

In the days following the November 24, 2013, Boston nuclear terror attack, it is highly likely that a second nuclear detonation will occur in Washington, D.C. With America’s capital destroyed and radioactive, whatever faith that is left in the U.S. government and her economy will be lost. In time, the physical capital of America will be moved to Denver, Colorado, home to the Broncos.


1.1: Boston Sleeper Cell
Boston Marathon Bombings of April 15, 2013, were apparently the opening salvo of an alleged Islamic wave of terror attacks that will culminate in an unprecedented nuclear terror attack on the city of Boston. Coincidentally, on April 21, 2013, it was reported that the FBI is hunting a 12-man strong terrorist “sleeper cell” in Boston which is linked to the Tsarnaev brothers who were allegedly responsible for the Boston Bombings. In the aftermath of a Boston nuclear attack, this “sleeper cell” will predictably be implicated in the attack.

1.2: Gillette Stadium Attack Plan
As evidenced in the Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot, the NFL game in Boston will most likely be attacked conventionally at first in order to draw in viewers worldwide prior to the slated nuclear detonation. This strategy was also employed on 9/11 with escalating events, stating with the first plane and ending with the demolition of both towers.
Due to the construction of Gillette Stadium, which may be the only stadium in the country with direct vehicle access to the field, the attack will likely come from vehicles which will break through the security gate and drive onto the field, possibly running over fans, players and coaches. Once the attack ensues, terrorists wearing parachutes will likely descend into the stadium and attacked the crowd with automatic weapons, grenades and shoulder-fired missiles. Predictably, the “live” terror attack will go on for a few hours until Europe tunes in. At that point, once the world is watching, a nuclear detonation will ensue.

1.3: First Ever Social Media Terror Attack
It was reported on September 3, 2013, that Gillette Stadium is only one of 11 NFL stadiums with high-tech Wi-Fi throughout the stadium. The special network was built so that in the wake of a terror attack, the thousands of fans calling, updating their status and uploading photos of the attack won’t overload and crash local cellular networks. In other words, the NFL and the U.S. government built a special network so that the world could be suddenly inundated with images of the terror attack, multiplying the terror factor exponentially.

1.4: Parachute Attack
Prior to a parachute-related terror attack, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Starting in September of 2013, there has been an unprecedented amount headlines in respect to parachuting and skydiving. Whether or not these headlines will culminate in a terror attack using parachutes is not known, but
evidently a “dry run” by Islamic terrorists was reported on September 30, 2013, when New York police started searching for parachutists dressed in black who landed near Ground Zero and then disappeared.

Parachute Headlines:

1. September 28, 2013: Idaho smokejumper killed in parachuting accident
2. September 30, 2013:
New York police search for parachutists who landed near Ground Zero
3. October 19, 2013: Parachutist dies at Florida air show
4. October 20, 2013: Plane carrying skydivers crashes in Belgium
5. October 21, 2013: Twenty-one members of Arizona National Guard indicted
6. October 22, 2013: 6 airborne troops killed in explosion in northwest Russia
7. November 2, 2013: Skydivers Jump To Safety After 2 Planes Collide Over Wis.
8. November 5, 2013: Calif. man skydives on 100th birthday

[Does not purport to a complete list of events of headlines]

1.5: Sum of All Fears
In what was either a Roman blood sacrifice or just the casual termination of a potential witness by intelligence agencies, on October 2, 2013, it was reported that best-selling Tom Clancy suddenly died at the age of 66. Interestingly, one of Clancy’s most popular books and movies was entitled, “The Sum of All Fears”, which depicted an Israeli nuclear bomb being detonated inside an NFL stadium. Evidently, Clancy was assassinated prior to life imitating his art.

1.6: Nuclear Delivery Man
Similarly to the NFL nuclear terror plot depicted in “The Sum of All Fears”, a nuclear bomb would need to be delivered to the stadium in an unmarked truck or van. Breaking news in respect to unmarked trucks, truck thefts, and a recently stolen FedEx truck indicates that this is in fact the working terror narrative. Essentially, an unmarked truck would deliver a timed or remote controlled nuclear device to the stadium hidden inside another object such as a portable toilet. The notion of the so called delivery man responsible for driving the truck was recently popularized by the “Delivery Man” film (see trailer) which was released on November 22, 2013, just 2 days prior to the slated nuclear terror attack in Boston.

1.7: Incognito Nuke
Similarly to the NFL nuclear terror plot depicted in “
The Sum of All Fears”, in which a nuclear device was inserted in a Coke machine, a nuclear bomb will be delivered to Gillette Stadium inside another object such as a portable toilet which would mask its radiation from detectors in Boston. Coincidentally, on November 22, 2013, NBC news reported that newspaper deliveryman found a bomb stuffed in teddy bear. That same day, a bomb squad in Oklahoma x-rayed a burrito looking for a bomb.

1.8: Incognito Scandal
The term “
incognito” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “with one’s identity concealed”. Prior to a nuclear weapon being delivered to an NFL stadium, the bomb must first go “incognito” in order to bypass local, state, federal, stadium and NFL security. In order to make the term “incognito” mainstream lingo prior to an unprecedented nuclear terror attack, intelligence agencies working in concert with Miami Dolphins and “best friends” Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin drummed up a real dandy. The scandal, which involves a he said, she said bullying-type celebrity gossip mantra, was evidently a calculated intelligence operation to highlight the last name of one Incognito just prior to an “incognito” terror attack on the White House. Thus far, the worst part of the whole childish scandal was when Martin allegedly stated “I will murder your whole fucking family” in response to racial epithet from Incognito.

1.9: Iran Nuclear Deal
In a calculate and coordinated effort to bring the issue of nuclear terrorism to the global forefront just prior to the world’s first nuclear terror attack, Iran signed a six-month nuclear agreement in Geneva, Switzerland with the P5+1 group (e.g., the United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom, and France, plus Germany) in the late hours of November 23, 2013. According to a nationally televised address by U.S. President Barack Obama, the deal includes, “substantial limitations that will help prevent Iran from creating a nuclear weapon”.  Once the deal had been signed, the response from Israel was predictable stating that the “world empowered a nuclear Iran” while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nentanyahu called the deal “a historic mistake“. Naturally, Israel will be there screaming “I told you so” in the wake of a nuclear terror attack, a laughable notion considering that Zionists and the state of Israel are responsible for a majority of the world’s terrorism.

1.10: “Live TV” Terror
Prior to a “live” nationally syndicated nuclear terror attack, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. In an episode of the series “Homeland” which aired November 25, 2012, terrorist leader “Abu Nazir” was plotting a terror attack and planned to film it on live television and disseminate it globally. Evidently, the Obama administration is following the Hollywood script as they will try for the third time to execute a live nuclear detonation on television come November 24, 2013.


2.1: NORTHCOM Nuclear Terror Drills (August 14-17, 2013)
On August 14, 2013, it was reported that the U.S. government had conducted a
multiple nuclear terror drills in both Indiana and North Dakota which concluded on August 17, 2013. According to reports, the nuclear terror drill was entitled “Exercise Vibrant Response” and was executed under the supervision of the U.S. Northern Command, led by U.S. Army North. The terror scenario in Indiana involved a drill a “nuclear terrorist attack” on Columbus, Ohio, while the terror scenario in North Dakota involved a radiation device stolen by terrorists.

2.2: INTERPOL Nuclear Terror Drills
(October 15-17, 2013)

On October 19, 2013, it was reported that INTERPOL executed a major nuclear terror drill from October 15 through October 17, 2013, which involved a radiological nuclear terror attack scenario. According to reports, “specialized officials” from law enforcement, customs, border control, public health, regulatory and security services took part in a tabletop exercise aimed at testing their capacity to prevent nuclear and radiological terrorism. Alan King, INTERPOL’s Radiological Nuclear Coordinator, stated that “Radiological and nuclear attacks are a genuine risk worldwide and the threat they pose should not be underestimated. The worst-case scenario can happen anytime, anywhere, and law enforcement and its partners must be prepared”. 

2.3: War Games (November 19, 2013)
In the immediate aftermath of a nuclear attack, it can be surmised that a full-scale “purge” of so called patriots and gun-owners will commence throughout America. Coincidentally, both U.S. and European troops have been drilling war games for this particular scenario. On November 19, 2013, it was reported that in Phoenix, Arizona, the U.S. military is executing war games involving the use of Blackhawk helicopters. Although they state that the drill is planned for 2015, an obvious PSYOP, NATO has mobilized at least 40,000 troops to deal with an insurrection in America. These type of drill were seen just prior to the February 6, 2011, Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot when Czech troops conducted war games in Texas.


3.1: NFL Security Compromised
Starting on June 13, 2013, the NFL implemented new security measures by banning purses, seat cushions, coolers from games. The change in security was a calculated decision by the NFL to gain plausible deniability in the aftermath of a terror attack at one of their stadiums. Aside from the legal changes, the NFL launched a media campaign entitled, “Be Clear On Game Day Safety”, which has highlighted the notion that the NFL could be attacked. Interestingly, on September 12, 2013, it was reported that undercover officers will now be at NFL games aim to “prevent excessive heckling. In the event that terror strikes the NFL, these so called undercover agents will most likely be responsible for executing or orchestrating the terror attacks on the ground.

3.2: Denver Broncos Trending
Similarly to the New England Patriots, the Denver Broncos have been in both national and international headlines all year long. Like the Patriots, the Broncos signed and released the single most popular player in the NFL, Tim Tebow, a Christian. Just prior to Tebow however was the historic signing of Manning, possibly the best QB in the history of the NFL. Shortly thereafter, in an apparent move to silence any investigation into a potential terror attack on the Broncos, two high-level Broncos executives were arrested for DUI and suspended. A few months later, Broncos head coach John Fox suffered a heart attack, an ominous sign that an attack on the Broncos is imminent. Needless to say, the Denver Broncos have been in the news 24/7 this year in order to psychologically prep the American public for the impending nuclear attack at the Broncos vs. Patriots game on November 24, 2013.

Broncos Headlines:

1. March 20, 2013: John Elway introduced Peyton Manning
2. March 21, 2013:
Broncos trade Tim Tebow to Jets
3. July 15, 2013:
Denver Broncos suspend executives Russell and Heckert for DUI
4. August 30, 2013: Man falls at Broncos game at Mile High, seriously injured
5. September 14, 2013:
Strains Of Pot Named For Manning Brothers, Peyton Not Happy
6. October 19, 2013:
Broncos Von Miller Will Start vs. Colts After Serving 6-Game Suspension
7. November 2, 2013:
Broncos coach John Fox hospitalized with heart attack
8. November 2, 2013:Broncos coach John Fox to have surgery on heart valve
9. November 15, 2013: Woman sells wedding ring for tickets to Chiefs-Broncos game
10. November 18, 2013:
Armed Robbery at Manning’s Papa John’s During Broncos Game

3.3: New England Patriots Trending

Similarly to the
Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots have been in both national and international headlines all year long. Like the Broncos, the Patriots signed and released the single most popular player in the NFL, Tim Tebow, a Christian. Then there was the stolen Super Bowl ring by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the arrest of Patriot’s star Hernandez for murder, and the recent stadium fight which was predictably video-taped and uploaded onto YouTube. Needless to say, the New England Patriots have been in the news 24/7 this year in order to psychologically prep the American public for the impending nuclear attack at the Broncos vs. Patriots game on November 24, 2013.

Patriots Headlines:

1. June 11, 2013: New England Patriots sign Tim Tebow
2. June 14, 2013:
Kraft: Putin stole Bowl ring
3. June 26, 2013:
Patriot Hernandez arrested, taken into police custody
4. September 1, 2013:
Patriots release Tim Tebow
5. September 3, 2013:
McCain to Russians: Return Kraft’s Super Bowl ring
6. October 23, 2013:
4 charged in taped scuffle after Jets-Patriots game

[Does not purport to a complete list of events of headlines]

3.4: NFL Trending

For those that follow the NFL, it can be said that 2013 was a year like no other. Scandal after scandal, arrest after arrest, and story after story, the NFL was literally in the headlines every day and stuffed down the collective throat of the public. The obvious question is, why? As evidenced, there has been a coordinated intelligence effort to make NFL football more mainstream than ever so that a subsequent would be all the more terrorizing. After all, what is more American than football?

2013 NFL Timeline:

1. December 8, 2012:
Fatal Irving crash brings college friends’ rise as Cowboys to a halt
2. February 1, 2013:
Skies over Super Bowl covered by NORAD
3. February 1, 2013:
Super Bowl security: Behind the scenes with the FBI
4. February 2, 2013:
New Super Bowl XLVI security gadgets: X-Rays, sewer caps and more
5. March 5, 2013:
Goodell ‘Terrified’ That ‘NFL Player Is Going To Die On The Field’
6. May 15, 2013:
Eagles OL Evan Mathis Peeing on IRS Building Sign
7. June 1, 2013:
Steelers’ Mike Adams stabbed
8. June 11, 2013:
Worker dies at 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium construction site
9. June 13, 2013:
NFL bans purses, seat cushions, coolers from games in new security measure
10. June 14, 2013:
Kraft: Putin stole Bowl ring
11. June 14, 2013:
Seahawks Coach Peppered 4-Star General With 9/11 ‘Conspiracy’ Questions
12. June 20, 2013:
Giants defensive tackle Shaun Rogers reports $440,000 worth of missing jewelry
13. June 26, 2013:
Baltimore Ravens running back carjacked In Philly
14. June 26, 2013:
Browns Release Rookie LB Walcott After He’s Charged With Attempted Murder
15. June 27, 2013:
CBS News: 27 NFL Players Arrested Since Super Bowl
16. June 29, 2013:
Pit bull belonging to Eagles player seized after dog fighting allegations
17. June 29, 2013:
Joe Lefeged arrested on gun charge
18. July 4, 2013:
Washington Redskins fullback Eric Kettani gets some ‘hate mail’
19. July 7, 2013:
Giants LB Connor arrested in airport after TSA alleges switchblade found in luggage
20. July 11, 2013:
Alfonzo Dennard arrested again for DUI
21. July 12, 2013:
Jets Player Oday Aboushi Defends Muslim Extremist Comments
22. July 15, 2013:
Denver Broncos suspend executives Russell and Heckert for DUI
23. July 30, 2013:
Arizona Cardinals cheerleader is an Iraq veteran
24. August 2, 2013:
War veteran NFL cheerleader arrested on domestic violence charges
25. August 2, 2013:
Former NFL lineman charged in $50M insurance fraud scheme in California
26. August 6, 2013:
Jets RB Joe McKnight arrested for multiple traffic violations
27. August 6, 2013:
Former NFL player Petitgout arrested on assault charge
28. August 6, 2013:
Man accused of spray painting face with Raiders colors, fatally stabbing clerk
29. August 22, 2013:
Bucs treated facility for MRSA
30. August 25, 2013:
Keith Bulluck charged with robbery
31. August 27, 2013:
Former NFL wide receiver Titus Young due in California court
32. August 30, 2013:
Man falls at Broncos game at Mile High, seriously injured
33. September 2, 2013:
Former Ravens Linebacker Suggests Super Bowl Blackout Was By Design
34. September 3, 2013:
NFL lagging on stadium Wi-Fi
35. September 3, 2013:
McCain to Russians: Return Kraft’s Super Bowl ring
36. September 12, 2013: Undercover officers at NFL games aim to prevent excessive heckling
37. September 9, 2013:
Fans injured in fall after Colts game
38. September 9, 2013:
Fan falls, dies at Candlestick during 49ers-Packers game
39. September 13, 2013:QB Steve Young to speak at conference on issues facing gay Mormons
40. September 14, 2013:
Strains Of Pot Named For Manning Brothers, Peyton Not Happy
41. September 15, 2013:
Police: 2 shot near Georgia Dome on Falcons game day
42. September 19, 2013: Brother of New York Giants coach dies following fall
43. September 20, 2013:
Over 300 teenagers party at, trash ex-NFL player’s home
44. September 20, 2013:
49ers Aldon Smith suspected of DUI
45. September 23, 2013:
Bengals’ Pacman Jones cited for disorderly conduct
46. September 24, 2013:
Ravens player Jacoby Jones in party bus fight
47. September 25, 2013:
Chargers former teammate Oliver killed
48. October 5, 2013:
President Obama weighs in on ‘Redskins’ name
49. October 10, 2013:
NFL lineman Reggie Rogers charged with domestic assault in Seattle
50. October 10, 2013:
49ers Smith charged with 3 felony gun counts
51. October 11, 2013:
Third Bucs player tests positive for MRSA
52. October 11, 2013:
Son Of Vikings Player Adrian Peterson Dies
53. October 10, 2013:
NFL security eyes Matt Schaub incident in Texas
54. October 11, 2013: Health: MRSA Infects Some Tampa Bay Buccaneers Players
55. October 23, 2013:4 charged in taped scuffle after Jets-Patriots game
56. October 30, 2013:
NFL teaches moms to tackle ‘safely’
57. November 2, 2013:
Broncos coach John Fox hospitalized
58. November 2, 2013:Broncos coach John Fox to have surgery on heart valve
59. November 4, 2013:Sources: Miami Dolphins rookies pushed to pay up
60. November 7, 2013:
Wife tasered after Bears-Packers bet
61. November 7, 2013:
Florida cops shoot former New York Giants running back Jermaine Green
62. November 9, 2013:
NFL Players faced threats, racist attacks
63. November 15, 2013:Woman sells wedding ring for tickets to Chiefs-Broncos game
64. November 15, 2013:
Ex-NFL cheerleader who sexually assaulted boy gets 18 months probation
65. November 17, 2013:Washington Redskins bus egged en route to Philadelphia
66. November 17, 2013:
Man falls from Ralph Wilson Stadium 3rd deck; 2 injured
67. November 18, 2013:
Former Oakland Raider Die in High-Speed Car Crash
68. November 18, 2013:
Armed Robbery at Manning’s Papa John’s During Broncos Game
69. November 19, 2013:
Browns ‘lucky to be alive’ after terrifying flight back to Cleveland
70. November 21, 2013:
MV revokes Hampton anti-Redskins plates

[Does not purport to a complete list of events of headlines]

3.5: NFL Exempt from Terror Lawsuits
Congressional legislation passed in December of 2008 conveniently dismisses any potential lawsuits against the NFL stemming from a future terror attack on any of the NFL’s football stadiums. The new law, entitled the SAFETY Act (Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies), which was curiously not reported until September of 2009, essentially guarantees that the NFL will not have to pay any claims that terror victims may file in the aftermath of an attack. According to the report, the “protection extends only to companies’ services or equipment that the Homeland Security Department has approved as being effective in anti-terrorism.” The NFL got the protection after the government approved the league’s nine-page stadium-security guidelines. “An attack from a terrorist organization could put us out of business”, stated NFL security chief Milt Ahlerich.

3.6: NFL & DHS Partnership
The NFL was intimately connected to the foiled Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot, so it should come as no surprise that the NFL and DHS have partnered together in the “If You See Something, Say Something” terror program. The NFL and DHS terror partnership was forged just two days prior to Super Bowl XLV, when U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stated that: “We are partnering this year with the NFL on our ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign and launching that NFL partnership right here at the Super Bowl…The idea is simple…We are simply asking the American people to be vigilant, recognizing that our security is a shared responsibility that all of us must participate in. If a fan at the Super Bowl or any other American at any other place sees something that is potentially dangerous, then say something about it to local law enforcement or someone in authority”.


4.1: The Sleeper Cells
Ever since 9/11, propaganda has been disseminated that there are terrorist sleeper cells in America. Then on January 26, 2011, Family Matter published an article entitled “Sleeper Cells in the USA”, just days prior to the February 6, 2011, Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot. Coincidentally, in April 21, 2013, it was reported that the FBI is hunting a 12-man strong terrorist “sleeper cell” in Boston, Massachusetts, which is linked to brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombings of April 15, 2013. This notion of sleeper cells again made national news on August 5, 2013, when CBS News reported that, “Terrorists Already Have Orders, Could Be In Place For Attacks”.

4.2: Terrorists Using Coded Messages
Prior to Pakistani sleeper cells allegedly being activated within the United States, the notion that terrorists have been communicating must be publically floated. Coincidentally, on November 21, 2013, it was reported that a Palestinian murder suspect allegedly sent coded TV message to imprisoned brother. That same day, it was reported that an “expert” has stated that MI6 codebreaker Gareth Williams’ death was the “perfect crime”, further highlighting the use of code just prior to an earth changing event by terrorists who coordinated the attack using coded messages. In the wake of a nuclear terror attack, it will likely be stated by the U.S. government that the terrorists used an undetectable internet code to communicate, hence the reasoning behind the recent NSA spying.

4.3: Islamic Terror Sympathizers
Since April 19, 2013, there have been roughly 20 U.S. citizens who have been indicted, arrested or implicated in terror attacks against U.S. interests both home and abroad. If and when an Islamic nuclear bomb comes to America, it will be aided across the border by individuals “sympathetic” to the Islamic cause of jihad.

U.S. Homegrown Terror Timeline:

1. April 19, 2013:
US Man Pleads Guilty to Supporting Terrorism in Somalia
2. April 21, 2013:
Illinois Man Tried To Join Al Qaeda-Linked Group, FBI Says
3. April 26, 2013:
American Jihadi in Somalia Tweets on Assassination Attempt
4. May 2, 2013:
Judge Releases Illinois Man Accused of Trying To Join Al-Qaida in Syria
5. May 14, 2013:
2 Minnesota Men Sentenced To Prison For Joining Somali Terror Group
6. May 14, 2013:
North Carolina Man Pleads Guilty To Buying Gun For Terrorist Jihad
7. May 17, 2013:
Uzbekistan Living in Idaho to Appear in Court on Federal Terrorism Charges
8. June 20, 2013:
American Who Allegedly Fought With Al Qaeda Affiliate In Syria Indicted
9. July 18, 2013:
Florida Teen Faces Charges of Helping Terrorists following Visit to Middle East
10. July 31, 2013:
Police in Colorado Warn of Self-Described Islamist Jihadist
11. August 6, 2013:
Man Planning Jihad in Africa Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charge in Alabama
12. August 6, 2013:
Somali Militant Group Al-Shabaab Praises ‘Martyrs’ from Minnesota
13. August 7, 2013:
Man Sentenced to 5 1/2 Years for Conspiring To Sell Cocaine To Taliban
14. August 8, 2013:
Florida Teen Accused of Training with Middle East Terrorists to Appear In Court
15. August 12, 2013:
West African Drug Traffickers in Prison for Taliban Drug Conspiracy
16. June 26, 2013:
New York Student Sought to Join Al Qaeda, Federal Officials Say
17. July 5, 2013:
Terrorists Dupe Kansas City Al Qaeda Supporter, 2 Others
18. July 30, 2013:DHS loses track of 1 million foreigners; report could hurt immigration deal
19. September 12, 2013:
American Islamic Militant Killed in Somalia: Witnesses
20. September 20, 2013:
American who Allegedly Fought with Al Qaeda in Syria has been Indicted
21. September 30, 2013:
NYC Accountant Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Supporting Al-Qaida
22. October 7, 2013:
Missouri Man to be Sentenced for Al Qaeda Support
23. November 20, 2013: US May Have Let ‘Dozens’ of Terrorists into Country As Refugees

[Does not purport to a complete list of events of headlines]

4.4: U.S. Terror Endgame
The goal of the Zionist establishment has always been to merge the Islamic terrorists with those who fly the Confederate Rebel Flag and root for the Ole Miss Rebels in the American South. That way, Americans nobody will be able to tell the difference between the foreign terrorists and the domestic terrorists. This will ultimately allow the Obama administration to eradicate all of its political opposition with autonomous drones while the world cheers them on.


5.1: U.S. Border Security Compromised
The notion that the
U.S.-Mexico border is open to terrorists is a concept that has been propagandized ever since 9/11 and recent events suggest terrorists have been “testing” the border for upcoming attacks. On June 8, 2012, it was reported that a California-born Muslim man was back home on after he discovered he was on the U.S. government’s “no-fly” list. According to the reports, the man was able to walk back over the U.S./Mexico border on foot. A family member allegedly conformed to a San Diego-area TV station that the man had traveled to Egypt during the uprising, but denied he was “the revolutionary type”. Roughly 15 months later on September 5, 2013, a propaganda report entitled, “Iran Recruiting ‘Invisible Army’ Converts to Infiltrate U.S. Through Southern Border”, was published, further confirming that terrorists will infiltrate the U.S. from Mexico.

Border Headlines Trending:

1. April 12, 2013:
DHS Officials Charged with Falsifying Records Related to Border Crimes
2. June 12, 2013:
U.S. and Canadian Drill to “Prevent Cross-Border Terrorist and Criminal Activities”
3. June 21, 2013:
Lockdown USA: Congress Plans 700-Mile ‘Surge’ on Mexico Border
4. August 1, 2013:
Mexican Cartels Hiring US Soldiers as Hit Men
5. August 16, 2013:
US Border Security Data Not Reliable, Government Reports Show
6. October 3, 2013:
Border Patrol Rep Claims Agents Being Ordered to Stand Down
7. October 9, 2013: ACLU to probe allegations of constitutional violations by Border Patrol in Arizona
7. November 17, 2013:
Hundreds of illegal immigrants captured at southern Arizona military post
8. November 21, 2013: Mexican drug cartels exploit asylum system by claiming ‘credible fear’

5.2: U.S.-Mexico Terror Tunnel

If and when Islamic “terrorists” land in South America with a Pakistani nuclear bomb, they will need to make it across the U.S.-Mexico border with the bomb intact and undetected. Recent headlines in respect to both tunnels and terror suggest that the terrorist may use one of the many drug tunnels in Arizona, California or Texas in order to sneak into America.

Border Tunnel Headlines:

1. December 28, 2012:
Authorities Find Smuggling Tunnel Equipped With Electricity Near Border
2. August 5, 2013:
Syria Rebel ‘Moles’ Wage Battle from Underground Tunnels
3. August 6, 2013:
Nasir Wuhayshi, Jail Escapee Via Tunnel Turned Yemen’s Qaeda Head
4. August 24, 2013:
Syrian Soldiers Find Chemical Agents in Rebel Tunnels in Syria
5. October 13, 2013: ‘Terror Tunnel’ Discovered Running from Gaza to Israel

6. October 31, 2013: Feds find drug tunnel linking San Diego, Tijuana


6.1: Pakistani Terror Threat
Starting in June of 2013, there have been numerous warnings that terror groups affiliated with Pakistan may attack the United States. Headlines such as “
Lashkar-e-Taiba Capable of Threatening U.S. Homeland” and “Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group poses new threat to U.S.” confirm that this is part of a state-sponsored terror narrative. In August of 2013, the U.S. predictably responded to these threats by putting a Pakistan-based insurgent leader on the terrorism blacklist as well as freezing his assets. The following month on September 2, 2013, the Pakistani Taliban attacked a U.S. base near Pakistan border, an ominous sign that they will eventually attack within America. A day later on September 3, 2013, a so called top-secret U.S. intelligence file showed new levels of distrust of Pakistan. A few weeks later on September 20, 2013, Pakistan released senior Taliban commander Abdul Ghani Baradar from prison, a move designed to spite the U.S. As the November 24, 2013, nuclear attack date nears, the rhetoric between the U.S. and Pakistan has substantially increased. On November 1, 2013, the Pakistani Taliban vowed a wave of suicide bombs in revenge for the killing of their leader which was killed by a U.S. drone strike. Roughly a week later on November 8, 2013, a CNN headline stated “Pakistan Taliban warns government of revenge attacks after leader’s killing”, further indicating that so called “revenge” attacks from Pakistan are imminent. Then on November 11, 2013, a Pakistani man within the U.S. was charged with attempting to aid terrorist group, ultimately ensuring the Pakistani nuclear terror attack narrative due to alleged help from terror operatives already inside the United States.

Pakistani Headlines:

1. June 12, 2013: Lashkar-e-Taiba Capable of Threatening U.S. Homeland
2. June 30, 2013:
Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group poses new threat to U.S.
3. August 6, 2013: US puts Pakistan-based insurgent leader on terrorism blacklist, freezes assets
4. August 9, 2013:
U.S. issues warning over Pakistan consulate threat
5. August 14, 2013:
Al-Qaeda centre of gravity shifting from Pakistan: analysts
6. August 16, 2013:
Militants attack train in Pakistan, kill 3
7. August 20, 2013: Pakistan seizes 100 tonnes of bomb-making chemicals
8. August 21, 2013:
US sanctions Pakistan school for allegedly training Al Qaeda fighters
9. August 21, 2013:
Pakistan links Quetta ‘bomb-making factory’ to attacks
10. September 2, 2013:
Taliban attack on U.S. base near Pakistan border
11. September 3, 2013:
Top-secret U.S. intelligence files show new levels of distrust of Pakistan
12. September 11, 2013:
Pakistan to free senior Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Barader
13. September 20, 2013:
Pakistan to release senior Taliban commander Abdul Ghani Baradar
14. September 20, 2013:
Pakistan pilot admits being drunk after UK plane arrest
15. September 21, 2013:
Pakistan busts Facebook kidnap gang
16. September 22, 2013:
78 Killed by Suicide Bomb Attack at Historic Church in Pakistan
17. October 22, 2013: Rights groups challenge U.S. on drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen
18. October 23, 2013: Pakistani PM demands end to drone strikes as he meets Obama
19. October 28, 2013: Pakistani victims of US drone attack to appear before Congress
20. October 29, 2013: Pakistani girl crawls out of grave after being raped, buried alive
21. November 1, 2013: US drone strike kills head of Pakistani Taliban
22. November 1, 2013: Pakistani Taliban vows wave of suicide bombs in revenge for death of leader
23. November 3, 2013: Pakistan reviews US relationship over Taliban drone kill
24. November 5, 2013: The CIA, Not The Pentagon, Will Keep Running Obama’s Drone War
25. November 6, 2013: Saudi nuclear weapons ‘on order’ from Pakistan
26. November 7, 2013: Pakistani Taliban chooses man who planned Yousafzai attack as new leader
27. November 8, 2013: Pakistan Taliban warns government of revenge attacks after leader’s killing
28. November 11, 2013: Pakistani man charged with attempting to aid terrorist group
29. November 11, 2013: Terror group founder’s son killed in Pakistan
30. November 21, 2013: U.S. drone strike kills 5 in Pakistan
31. November 23, 2013: Thousands block NATO convoy route to protest US drone strikes in Pakistan

[Does not purport to a complete list of events of headlines]

6.2: Motive: Drone Strikes
In order to create a believable nuclear terror narrative, there has to be a good reason as why terrorists affiliated with Pakistan would want to attack the United States. Starting with the alleged assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 1, 2011, the U.S. has been increasingly involved militarily within Pakistan. U.S. drone strikes have purposely targeted children, families, weddings and innocent civilians in a calculated attempt to enrage the Pakistani people, thus creating a motive.
As the November 24, 2013, nuclear attack date nears, the rhetoric between the headlines in respect to controversial U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan has increased. Pakistani drone strike victims were even brought to America to testify before the U.S. Congress. The recent drone assassinations of a Pakistani Taliban leader and his son have ensured that a Pakistani nuclear terror “revenge” attack will commence as the Taliban would naturally want to avenge the death of their dear departed leader. Then on November 7, 2013, it was reported that the Pakistani Taliban chose the man who planned Yousafzai attack as new their leader. The October 9, 2013, attack on Malala Yousafzai was a staged attack on an innocent girl, meant to highlight the barbaric nature of the Pakistani Taliban. Naturally, if the new Taliban leader is willing to attack innocent women, he is willing to nuke America.

Pakistan Drone Headlines:

1. October 22, 2013: Rights groups challenge U.S. on drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen
2. October 23, 2013: Pakistani PM demands end to drone strikes as he meets Obama
3. October 28, 2013: Pakistani victims of US drone attack to appear before Congress
4. November 1, 2013: US drone strike kills head of Pakistani Taliban
5. November 3, 2013: Pakistan reviews US relationship over Taliban drone kill
6. November 5, 2013: The CIA, Not The Pentagon, Will Keep Running Obama’s Drone War
7. November 11, 2013: Terror group founder’s son killed in Pakistan
8 November 21, 2013: U.S. drone strike kills 5 in Pakistan

[Does not purport to a complete list of events of headlines]


7.1: Nuclear Terror Trending

Prior to a high-profile nuclear terror attack on America, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. In 2013, there has been an unprecedented amount of nuclear and radiological-related headlines which will likely culminate in an unprecedented nuclear attack within the United States. Although most of the headlines are in respect to Fukushima, Iran and nuclear reactors in general, they invoke the fear of nuclear terror nonetheless.

2013 Nuclear Headlines:

1. January 5, 2013:
Nuclear Security Helicopters Testing Radiation Levels Above DC Area
2. January 23, 2013:
Weather Service: Nuclear Power Plant Causes Freak Snowstorm
3. January 29, 2013:
Watch 5 nuclear power station towers collapse in slow motion
4. February 3, 2013:
Security breach at nuke plant a wake-up call
5. February 4, 2013:
Wyoming Teen, Builds Nuclear Fusion Reactor In Garage
6. February 7, 2013:
San Onofre nuke plant operator disputes safety claim
7. February 9, 2013:
Outage Shuts Down Plymouth’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant
8. February 17, 2013:
‘No immediate risk’: Nuclear waste tank leaking in Washington
9. February 21, 2013:
Mission to transport 23,000 liters of bomb-grade uranium from Canada to US
10. February 23, 2013:
Governor: 6 tanks leaking radioactive waste at Washington nuclear site
11. February 23, 2013:
Oregon senator to ask for GAO probe of Hanford nuclear site
12. February 25, 2013:
Radiation Panic Grips Mumbai
13. February 26, 2013:
Nuclear waste leak in Wash. “scandalous,” expert says
14. March 13, 2013:
Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant taken off line over generator malfunction
15. March 15, 2013:
Dirty bomb material secured in Philadelphia, thousands of sites remain in U.S.
16. March 15, 2013:
Feds Swarm Metra Train After Detecting Nuclear Risk
17. March 18, 2013:
Power outage at crippled Japanese nuclear plant
18. March 29, 2013:
Safety: Jaczko Calls for Phaseout in US, Says Plants Aren’t Safe
19. April 1, 2013:
Accident at Arkansas nuclear site kills man
20. April 2, 2013:
Nuclear board warns of Washington tank explosion risk
21. April 6, 2013:
Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant leaks contaminated water
22. April 9, 2013:
All US nuclear reactors should be replaced, ‘Band-Aids’ won’t help
23. April 10, 2013:
Gulf States Fear Nuclear Radiation Leak after Iran Earthquake
24. April 12, 2013:
Nuclear waste barrels remain strewn across floor of English Channel – report
25. April 13, 2013:
DOE finalizing plans to dump man-made uranium in Nevada
26. April 14, 2013:
Small Leak Is Discovered at Plant in Fukushima
27. April 15, 2013:
Pilgrim Nuclear Plant forced to shut down
28. April 15, 2013:
Emergency declared after fire at U.S. nuclear plant — Lasted almost 30 minutes
29. April 16, 2013:
Two US nuke plants tighten security after blasts
30. April 18, 2013:
After petition, atomic bomb re-enactment dropped from Ohio air show
31. April 18, 2013:
Emergency declared at U.S. nuclear plant after lightning strike
32. April 19, 2013:
‘First terror drill at US nuclear plant a success’
33. April 21, 2013:
Shots fired at TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant
34. May 6, 2013:
Kewaunee to start powering down early Tuesday ahead of permanent closure
35. May 9, 2013:
83-year-old nun convicted of sabotage for breach of US atomic complex
36. May 11, 2013:
Utility investigating vibrations that caused shutdown of nuclear reactor
37. May 13, 2013:
Indian Point To Become First Nuclear Plant To Operate With Expired License
38. May 16, 2013:
North Carolina nuclear plant shut down after crack discovered
39. May 17, 2013:
Radioactive leak found at Palisades Nuclear Power Plant
40. May 23, 2013:
Twin blasts in Niger hit uranium plant, barracks
41. May 25, 2013:
Japanese research lab reports radiation leak
42. May 28, 2013:
SKorea halts 2 nuclear plants for using control cables with fabricated test results
43. May 28, 2013:
Seaweed causes shut down of multiple nuclear reactors
44. June 4, 2013:
Cracks in Iran’s nuclear reactor facility following quakes – diplomats
45. June 7, 2013:
U.S. orders new safety upgrades at nuclear plants
46. June 7, 2013:
California utility says it will retire nuclear plant
47. June 10, 2013:
Bushehr nuclear plant suffered electric generator malfunction
48. June 12, 2013:
Obama Appointee Who Heads U.S. Nuclear Security Agency Is Hacked
49. June 23, 2013:
U.S. engineers to inspect possible leak at Hanford nuclear site
50. July 15, 2013:
Greenpeace activists break into French nuclear plant
51. July 24, 2013:
Indian Point supervisor charged with lying to Nuclear Regulatory Commission
52. August 14, 2013:
North Dakota terror drill deals with radiation devices stolen by terrorists
53. August 15, 2013:
Report: U.S. nuclear plants remain vulnerable to terrorists
54. August 15, 2013:
Are U.S. Nuclear Reactors Protected Against Credible Terrorist Attacks?
55. August 15, 2013:
Indian Point nuclear plant is vulnerable to terror attack: report
56. August 17, 2013: 
Fukushima apocalypse: Duct tape fixes’ could result in ‘millions of deaths’
57. August 21, 2013:
Tank at crippled Fukushima nuclear plant leaks highly radioactive water
58. August 22, 2013: Flier Busted For Iranian Uranium Export Scheme
59. August 28, 2013:
Pa. nuclear plant security failings revealed in terror drill
60. September 20, 2013:
Report: Nuke that fell on N.C. in 1961 almost exploded  
61. September 28, 2013:
No. 2 U.S. nuke commander suspended amid probe
62. October 1, 2013:
Large Swedish nuclear reactor forced to shut after jellyfish clog water pipes
63. October 22, 2013: US nuclear missile launch officers repeatedly compromised bunker safety
64. October 22, 2013: A look at violations by officers in nuclear force
65. October 23, 2013: Air Force officials in charge of nukes left open blast door
66. October 24, 2013: Missile doors left open while Air Force nuclear officer slept

67. October 19, 2013: INTERPOL Exercise Boosts Radiological And Nuclear Terrorism Response
68. November 2, 2013: How a war game brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster
69. November 12, 2013: US-Israeli computer super-worm hit Russian nuclear plant – Kaspersky

70. November 20, 2013: Nuke troubles run deep; key officers “burned out”
71. November 20, 2013: Nuclear regulators crack firewalls to access porn
72. November 21, 2013: What’s the nuclear option?

[Does not purport to a complete list of events of headlines]

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