CNN Center Attack?—A U.S. Television Studio State-Sponsored Terror Warning

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CNN Center

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David Chase Taylor
December 28, 2013

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that a small group of U.S. military vets or x-Navy SEALs will attack and commandeer a U.S. television studio, most likely the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Although the attack will appear to be organic in nature, it will most certainly be state-sponsored in a calculated attempt to terrorize Americans and demonize U.S. soldiers on an international level.

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The motive for an impending TV attack by active and former U.S. military personal was first reported on December 18, 2013, when it was revealed that Congress’ new budget cuts retirement pay for all veterans. The drastic pay cuts will no doubt be cited as the motivating factor behind any future state-sponsored “veteran” terror attack.

Once inside the CNN Center, the state-sponsored terrorists will likely hold anchors, employees and studio guests hostage while they gain unfettered access to a global television audience of millions via the CNN networks. Once the collective attention of America and the world is upon CNN, they will brutally behead (decapitate) one or more of their hostages on “Live TV”, Daniel Pearl style.

The notion that the CNN Center is a domestic state-sponsored terror target was first revealed on November 2, 2012, when it was reported that a “caller” had mentioned that chemicals had been placed at the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta. This prompted the complete evacuation of the building and set the precedent for upcoming CNN Center-related terrorism.

In the event that the CNN Center is attacked, the terrorists will likely culminate their attack with an unprecedented bio-terror attack. Should this happen, the attack will most likely involve assault weapons, explosives, and/or some biological agent (e.g., acid, anthrax, smallpox, etc.) which will be used to target anchors, employees, law enforcement and the city of Atlanta in general. A bio-terror attack could be delivered conventionally or aerially and would most likely spark the bio-terror pandemic planned for 2013.

Since Atlanta, Georgia, is home to both the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and CNN (Cable News Network), the necessary entities of worldwide media control (CNN) and the agency responsible for tracking and responding to a bio-terror outbreak (CDC) are conveniently located within the same city and state. This ultimately allows for the complete command, control and jurisdiction over any state-sponsored bio-terror attack and the pandemic that is slated to follow.


1.1: Media Terror Trending
Prior to an unprecedented terror attack on a media facility such as the CNN Center, the American public must be psychologically programmed by intelligence agencies through various media reports and staged events to accept that this is in fact possible. Starting on December 15, 2013, there has been an unprecedented wave of media related attacks which may culminate in an unprecedented U.S. television studio attack.

Media Attacks:

1. December 15, 2013: Gunmen kill female TV presenter in Iraq
2. December 23, 2013: Militants in Iraq storm TV station; anchor among dead
3. December 24, 2013: Al Qaeda group claims attack on Iraq TV station
4. December 26, 2013: Radio station has major software meltdown during anti-NSA broadcast

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines or events]

1.2: Decapitations Trending

In the event that a television studio like the CNN Center is hijacked, it is highly likely that one or more of the employees will be beheaded on “Live TV”. In order to psychologically prepare the masses for this type of terror, a rash of beheading and decapitation reports have been published in the last few weeks. Starting on December 19, 2013, it was reported that two Islamic terrorists who were charged in the decapitation murder of a British soldier had been found guilty of murder. A week later on December 26, 2013, a New York teen was reportedly charged with decapitating a man in a NW Side apartment. Two days later on December 28, 2013, it was reported that a Nigerian Islamic extremist leader stated that “Allah says we must decapitate”. Coincidentally, on October 21, 2013, it was reported that Facebook changed their policy to allow videos depicting violence such as beheadings, further paving the way for decapitation terror videos to be disseminated to the world via Facebook.

1.2: Target: Anderson Cooper?
One potential candidate for decapitation is CNN’s Anderson Cooper who on
December 26, 2013, was reportedly discussing “cunnilingus”, otherwise known as oral female sex, with his own mother on air. Aside from his revolting comments, Cooper has drawn the ire of conservatives for his liberal stance on many topics, the biggest of which is Cooper’s sexuality as an openly gay man. Military vets disgusted with Cooper and CNN in general may target Cooper, the second most famous CNN anchor behind Zionist Wolf Blitzer.

1.3: Target: U.S. Politicians?  
If and when a television studio attack transpires, there is a high probability that a U.S. politician will be in studio at the time of the attack. This scenario will offer a motive for the attack as well as give the terrorists a high-profile hostage to decapitate. Naturally, the decapitation of an American politician on “Live TV” would have a chilling effect on all politicians, exactly what it’s intended to do. Coincidentally, in the last week, there have been at least 6 reports in respect to assassinations and hostages. Whether or not these state-sponsored attacks in the Middle East will translate to the assassination of hostages in the U.S. is yet to be seen, but the precedent has definite been set.

Assassinations & Hostage Timeline:

1. December 24, 2013: Remember pastor as he marks his second Christmas imprisoned in Iran
2. December 26, 2013: American abducted by al-Qaeda makes video plea
3. December 28, 2013: Libyan government releases detained US military personnel
4. December 28, 2013:
Iraq troops arrest Sunni MP, kill five people: police
5. December 27, 2013: Lebanon bombing kills 6, including ex-ambassador to US
6. December 28, 2013: Another drive-by shooting in eastern Libyan city kills air defense officer

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines or events]

1.4: Security Compromised?  
Although the CNN Center likely has state-of-the-art security, the recent Target security breach over Thanksgiving and two recent high-profile incidents involving airports show that security can and will be compromised. The first incident occurred on December 26, 2013, when a man was reportedly arrested for climbing fence at Phoenix airport and running at plane. That same day, another man reportedly evaded Newark, New Jersey airport’s $300M security system
. Needless to say, if men can easily evade 9/11–style airport security protocols, they can evade CNN security in Atlanta.

1.5: CNN Bio-Terror Hoax
As previously mentioned, on November 2, 2012, it was reported that a “caller” had mentioned that chemicals had been placed at the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, prompting police officers to close streets around the complex in order to conduct a search for the possible chemical bomb. According to reports, the “caller” wanted $15,000 and an airplane. Curiously, the report stated that “It wasn’t clear whether the caller made the demands from CNN or some other entity”. Although CNN was likely in on the hoax, a search of CNN headquarters and the attached Omni Hotel was executed to no avail. Two hours after the initial phone call, Atlanta streets were reopened. Atlanta police Capt. Adam Lee III then told reporters that the dispatchers who took the call described the “caller” as “depressed” and stated that the caller was wanted by the federal government for violating some type of federal law. To date, no recording of the alleged phone call has been released to the public.

1.6: New Anchorman Movie
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (2004) is a film (see trailer) which was released in 2004 about an eccentric news anchor from San Diego, California. Roughly nine years later, the film is suddenly getting a long overdue sequel entitled, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” which was just released in U.S. theaters on December 18, 2013. In the event that terrorists take over the CNN Center or another television studio, they will instantly become world-renowned terrorist “anchormen”. Although it’s impossible to know for certain, it does appear that the “Anchorman 2” was released with the sole purpose of bringing as much as attention to television anchors just prior to an unprecedented live television studio terror attack.

1.7:  Texan Bio-Terror Attack?
If the
CNN Center is targeted with in a bio-terror attack by active or former U.S. military personal, they will likely emanate from the state of Texas. As first revealed in the U.S. coup d’état warning for December 20, 2013—January 6, 2014, the notion of Texas-based bio-terror was highlighted on December 11, 2013, when a Texas woman admitted to sending ricin, a lethal bio-terror agent, to President Obama. Six days later on December 17, 2013, it was reported that a mystery illness has claimed the lives of 4 people in Montgomery County, Texas. Less than 48 hours later on December 19, 2013, STATFOR intelligence operative Alex Jones stated, that the mystery illness had killed members his family, ultimately confirming that the entire Texas bio-terror story is a hoax part and part of an elaborate intelligence ruse. In the event that a bio-terror attack does occur at FedEx Field on December 22, 2013, it is highly likely that the terrorists will have emanated from the state of Texas. Coincidentally, Jones was just caught red-handed on November 21, 2013, attempting to set-up his followers for a domestic 9/11-style terror attack on the Dallas Federal Reserve building and will no doubt call for an all-out war against the Obama administration in the wake of a CNN bio-terror attack.

1.8: Fear the Beard
If and when a
CNN Center terror attack occurs, it will likely be executed by U.S. military personal sporting beards. As evidenced, there has been a media campaign to demonize bearded men as of late. For example, on December 16, 2013, MSNBC touted Obama as the ‘First Gay President’. A day later on December 17, 2013, the FBI dubbed the California bank robber as the ‘Bad beard bandit’. 48 hours later on December 19, 2013, bearded ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson was suspended by A&E over his anti-gay comments. To say that there is a coordinated intelligence effort to demonize bearded Americans would be an understatement. After all, the goal of the Zionist establishment has always been to merge bearded Islamic terrorists with those who fly the Confederate Rebel Flag and root for the Ole Miss Rebels in the American South, such as those characters featured in the hit television show Duck Dynasty. That way, the U.S. government can pretend that they can no longer the difference between foreign terrorists, domestic terrorists, and the general population. This will ultimately allow for the Obama administration to eradicate all of their political opposition with autonomous drones, a preview of which was evidenced on November 30, 2013, when “Fast and Furious” movie star Paul Walker was evidently assassinated in a drone strike in Los Angeles, California.



2.1: Homegrown Terror Trending
In order to sell the notion of homegrown U.S. terrorists, there has been a rash of terror-related incidents in which U.S. citizens have been indicted, arrested or implicated in terror attacks against U.S. interests at home. Although most if not all of these events have been staged by intelligence agencies, they were executed in order to give the perception that America in under threat by home grown terrorists.

Homegrown Terror Timeline:

1. December 23, 2013: Survivalist remains on the run 7 months after killing wife, two daughters
2. December 26, 2013: Citizens take law into own hands after cash-strapped Oregon
3. December 26, 2013: Man arrested for climbing fence at Phoenix airport, running at plane
4. December 26, 2013: Man reportedly evades NJ airport’s $300M security system
3. December 27, 2013:
California man pleads guilty to terror charge
4. December 27, 2013: Louisiana man charged in shooting rampage that kills 4 and injures 3
5. December 28, 2013: Manhunt intensifies for Mississippi bank robber suspected in cop’s death

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines or events]

2.2: U.S. Military Veterans Betrayed
In a calculated bid to enrage U.S. military veterans just prior to a terror attack in which they will be implicated, the U.S. Congress, at the behest of international intelligence agencies, did the unthinkable—cut the benefits of veterans. This unprecedented move was first reported on December 17, 2013, when it was revealed that
disabled military vets were not exempt from pension cuts in the new budget deal. A day later on December 18, 2013, it was revealed that Congress’ new budget cuts retirement pay for all veterans. In a move to show that vets have been sold out by both parties, on December 18, 2013, it was reported that Senate Democrats blocked an amendment to restore veteran benefits and that Senate Republicans failed to block military pension cuts in budget bill. Needless to say, veterans have been unceremoniously betrayed. Aside from the veteran pension cuts, there have been a number of incidents in respect to veterans which unequivocally shows that there is a concerted effort to both set-up and demonize veterans for future terror attacks.

Veteran Headlines

1. October 8, 2013: Pentagon Withholding Death Benefits for Fallen Soldiers’ Families
2. October 14, 2013:
Vets vs. Obama
3. November 5, 2013:
Some Confederate veteran descendants not allowed in Veterans Day Parade
4. December 3, 2013:
U.S. vet detained in N. Korea oversaw guerrilla group
5. December 12, 2013:
Bill OKs removal of vet’s body from national cemetery
6. December 12, 2013:
Mount Soledad Cross Will Be Purged from Veterans Memorial
7. December 16, 2013:
Lawmakers battle military retiree cuts ahead of key budget vote
8. December 16, 2013:
Navy Vet Scammer ‘Bobby Thompson’ Gets 28 Years
9. December 17, 2013:
Disabled Military Retirees Not Exempt from Pension Cuts in Budget Deal
10. December 18, 2013:
New budget cuts retirement pay for veterans
11. December 18, 2013:
Senate Dems block amendment to restore veteran benefits
12. December 18, 2013:
Senate GOP fails in final bid to block military pension cuts in budget bill
13. December 19, 2013: Southwick police looking for owner of war medals found on road
14. December 22, 2013: Soldier to appeal conviction in gun rights trial
15. December 22, 2013: Standoff between military vet, police comes to an end in Kentucky
16. December 24, 2013: 1 percent pay raise latest pinch for troops, veterans struggling to pay bills
17. December 24, 2013: Vets return to streets to reach the homeless

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines or events]

2.3: Veteran Aggression Trending
Ever since the
self-imposed government shutdown began on October 1, 2013, there has been a rash of veteran related incidents on the East Coast of America in which U.S. military veterans were arrested after they allegedly “stormed” through barriers blocking war memorials. Based on the number of incidents and the press coverage they have received, it can only be surmised that there is a coordinated effort to paint veterans as aggressive, irrational and violent prior to major domestic terror attacks for which they will be scapegoated.

Veteran Related Incidents since October 1, 2013:

1. October 1, 2013: Veterans Storm WWII Memorial at National Mall (Washington, D.C.)
2. October 5, 2013:
Police Remove Vietnam War Veterans at Memorial Wall (Washington, D.C.)
3. October 5, 2013:
Vets Storm Iwo Jima Memorial Closed, Barricades Erected (Rosslyn, Virginia)
4. October 8, 2013:
Police Arrest Veterans at NYC Memorial (New York, New York)
5. October 13, 2013:
Spirit of Iwo Jima as Vets Storm Barricades (Washington, D.C.)

[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines or events]

2.4: SEALs Trending
If and when television studio terror attack occurs in America, it will surely be scapegoated onto disgruntled U.S. military personal and veterans, possibly even Navy SEALs. Interestingly, on December 18, 2013, the
head coach of the Southern Illinois men’s basketball team when on a staged rant about Navy SEALs, ultimately highlighting SEALs for the entire sports world. Coincidentally, the Hollywood propaganda movie entitled “Lone Survivor”, a film (see trailer) about the heroism of Navy SEALs, is scheduled to finally debut in theaters nationwide on December 27, 2013. The December debut is rather strange considering that the film finished shooting in November of 2012 and the trailer was released in July of 2013. CIA-like propaganda films like “Lone Survivor” are often completed long before they are disseminated to the public in order to correspond with real-life events. The Navy SEAL film was likely going to be released in July of 2013 to coincide with the July 4, 2013, attacks on Washington, D.C. However, once that particular terror plot was exposed, the film was shelved until now. Needless to say, its sudden release suggests that a Navy SEAL-based terror is imminent. Most recently, on December 20, 2013, it was reported that a leak involving classified information in respect to SEALs involved in the Bin Laden raid which was depicted in the film entitled ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ was now the target of an official leak probe. All these events have brought Navy SEALs into the public spotlight just prior to state-sponsored terror attacks which will be blamed on them.

2.5: PTSD Attack?
In a preview of things to come, it was reported on December 22, 2013, that a standoff between a military vet and police had ended after a shootout in Kentucky. Predictably, the vet who took his three children hostage was suffering from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, in a future San Diego Zoo attack, a military man from San Diego with PTSD, of which there are many, will most likely be scapegoated for the attack. In what appears to be a warning of impending PTSD-related vet terror, Michael Vaughan, the aforementioned Kentucky vet reportedly wrote on his Facebook just prior to the standoff: “I appreciate everyone’s comments, but this is something that will happen. KY Guard has the blame … along with the Dept. of the Army and Sen. Rand Paul’s office for not giving a damn about their wounded veterans who asked for help and failed to get it“. Also on December 22, 2013, former U.S. Army soldier filed an appeal in a November 2013 conviction of a misdemeanor count of interfering with the duties of a police officer for carrying an assault rifle while hiking. The trial which is sure to go on for the foreseeable future appears to be a preview of things to come.

About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of Taylor currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland where he has applied for political asylum after the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Taylor has also authored The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the 2013 global bio-terror pandemic. To date, has identified and exposed over 50 Obama sanctioned terror plots, as well as the Alex Jones’ links to STRATFOR. Legal Disclaimer’s stated purpose is to prevent terror attacks by drawing unwanted global attention to these terror plots prior to their fruition. State-Sponsored Terror Threat Assessments (SSTTA), assertions, and forecasts made by DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility they could theoretically occur based on the cited date. Historically, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed (e.g., the Super Bowl XLV Nuclear Terror Plot), the terror plot is immediately canceled or postponed. State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, as well as mislead the public from the true perpetrators of terror. By first identifying and then connecting the dots of the terror related paper trail, has successfully blown the whistle on numerous terror related plots. Please spread the word in helping make terrorism a thing of the past. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Namaste

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