2013 NBA Finals False-Flag Terror Threat Assessment: Militia Bio-Terror And Suicide Bombings Now Trending

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David Chase Taylor
June 9, 2013

SWITZERLAND, Zürich — Based on the cumulative terror related data, it appears that a major state-sponsored terror attack in the United States is imminent. Although the attack depicted herein could occur anytime or anywhere during the month of June, it will most likely occur during Game 2 of the 2013 NBA Finals on Sunday, June 9, 2013, when U.S. President Obama is in China and the 2013 Bilderberg meeting is underway in London, England. This will allow Obama to grandstand in the aftermath of the attack in a desperate bid to look presidential.

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The NBA Finals Terror Plot depicted herein likely originated on February 15, 2011, just 37 days after the foiled Super Bowl XLV Nuclear Terror Plot, when DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and NBA Commissioner David Stern signed the “If you see something, say something” terror partnership, ultimately paving the way for a future prime-time terror attack. Stern, the man ultimately responsible for NBA security, isn’t planning to stick around to take the heat for the attacks as he is all set to retire on February 1, 2014.

With the recent exposure of the “Operation Northwoods 2.0” of April 4, 2013 (an African/Islamic and Guantanamo Bay terror plot targeting Miami, Florida), and the 2013 NCAA Bio-Terror Plot of April 8, 2013 (a militia acid/bio-terror plot targeting African-American players in Atlanta, Georgia), the rabid Zionist establishment behind Obama has evidently primed both of the aforementioned scapegoats for a shocking new attack on the 2013 NBA Finals which will be played on various days from June 9, 2013 through June 20, 2013 in the southern U.S. cities of Miami, Florida and San Antonio, Texas.

Although a Texas terror attack is possible, Florida has been prepped as Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll was recently forced to resign amid allegations of corruption. Therefore, as of March 11, 2013, the Lt. Governor position for the state of Florida is now vacant ultimately leaving former U.S. Navy veteran millionaire and Florida Governor Rick Scott in sole possession of power over the Sunshine state any subsequent terror investigation that should ensue.

Potential False-Flag Terrir Targets:

1. FLORIDA: 2013 NBA Finals, American Airlines Arena, Miami Intl. Airport, Disneyworld, Cruise Lines
2. TEXAS: 2013 NBA Finals, AT&T Center, Military, Oil & Gas Facilities

Terror Scapegoats
NBA terror attacks, should they be allowed to happen, will either consist of an bio-terror/acid attack by anyone of the 80+ mostly white anti-government militias (i.e., Hutaree, Light-Foot, F.E.A.R., etc.) or suicide bombings by African/Islamic terrorists (i.e., Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, the Free Syrian Army (Rebels), Joseph Kony, Libyan Rebels, and the Lord’s Resistance Army) who will appear on American shores after allegedly hijacking a ship and/or airplanes and make their way across the Atlantic Ocean with the help of Somali Pirates. African based terror attacks, piracy and suicide bombing are at an all-time high and appear ready to make their debut under Obama in America.

Scapegoat # 1: White Militia/Skinheads 
As massive protests are staged in France over an alleged skinhead attack on a gay activist, France has vowed to crackdown on the so called “far-right”, otherwise known as the “militia” in America. Interestingly, rapper Kanye West has just released a new single entitled “Black Skinhead” and a female skinhead was just sentenced to five years in prison for a racial attack giving further credence to the notion that these race related events are deliberately being orchestrated prior to an unprecedented militia type racial attack in America. On June 3, 2013, in more apparent foreshadowing that militia terror attacks are imminent, it was reported that DHS is now flagging tweets about “militia” but not “jihad”. A day later on June 4, 2013, the “Light-Foot” militia of Ada County, Idaho, was created, reportedly the sixth county in Idaho to form a branch of the military style militia unit which consists of 4 “officers” and 26 enlisted personnel who are highly dedicated, disciplined and trained personnel.

Scapegoat # 2: African/Islamic Terrorists  
On June 3, 2013, it was reported that the U.S., for the first time, is  offering rewards worth millions for information about terror suspects in West Africa. According to the report, the rewards are for top officials from al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa, Boko Haram and the Signed-in-Blood Battalion. There is also a new Al Qaeda video which has surfaced urging homeland terror attacks and bio-terror in the U.S. which comes on the heels of the shocking beheading of a British soldier by Islamic men of African descent outside Woolwich army barracks in London, England on May 22, 2013. The unprovoked attack appears to be the initial wave of Islamic-African terror attacks on the West and according to witnesses, the African killers shouted, “you will never be safe” and shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the deadly meat cleaver attack. In potential foreshadowing of  upcoming suicide bombings, on June 7, 2013, it was reported that the U.K. had foiled ‘nail bomb and shotgun’ revenge terror plot in which Islamic terrorists were all set to use a combination of homemade nail bombs, knives and sawn-off shotguns in an upcoming terror attack.

Obama’s Counterterrorism Speech
As the May 22nd, 2013, Atlantic Wire headlines correctly states, “Obama Is Set To Reset The War On Terror”. U.S. President Obama’s speech given at the National Defense University in Washington D.C. on May 23, 2013, eerily foreshadows the upcoming terror attacks: “Now make no mistake: Our nation is still threatened by terrorists…America is at a crossroads. We must define the nature and scope of this struggle, or else it will define us….We’ve seen the emergence of various al-Qaida affiliates. From Yemen to Iraq, from Somalia to North Africa, the threat today is more diffuse, with al-Qaida’s affiliates in the Arabian Peninsula, AQAP, the most active in plotting against our homeland. And while none of AQAP’s efforts approach the scale of 9/11, they have continued to plot acts of terror…Unrest in the Arab world has also allowed extremists to gain a foothold in countries like Libya and Syria…And that means we’ll face more localized threats like what we saw in Benghazi, or the BP oil facility in Algeria…And finally, we face a real threat from radicalized individuals here in the United States…Deranged or alienated individuals, often U.S. citizens or legal residents, can do enormous damage, particularly when inspired by larger notions of violent jihad…So that’s the current threat. Lethal, yet less capable, al-Qaida affiliates, threats to diplomatic facilities and businesses abroad, homegrown extremists. This is the future of terrorism…Our actions are effective. Don’t take my word for it.”

Terror Drills
Recent government terror drills suggest that helicopters will be used to deliver terrorists to their targets in upcoming attacks involving explosives combined with biological, chemical (acid) and/or nuclear materials. Case on point: On May 13, 2013, it was reported that the Indian government allowed the execution of terror drills using improvised explosive devices (IEDs) involving biological, chemical, nuclear, radioactive warfare. 24 days later on June 6, 2013, it was reported that the Los Angeles Police Department executed a counterterrorism drill in Los Angeles which includes low-flying police helicopters, officers rappelling from the helicopters and firing of blank ammunition in regards to a weapon of WMD terror scenario. The main reason “anti-terror drills” are routinely conducted by men in black ski masks is to hide the nationality of the individuals involved. For example, Israeli Mossad members could conduct terror drills in Mumbai, India or Los Angles for a real-life terror event that will occur in Miami without ever drawing attention to themselves. By hiding their given nationality, the real terrorists can practice any future terror attacks at any location without being identified.

Made-For-TV Bio-Terror “Event*
As revealed in the report entitled “
Red Alert: Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic Imminent”, the genesis of the 2013 bio-terror pandemic will be a “made-for-TV event” whereby millions will witness a bio-terror outbreak on live television. This so called bio-terror “event” will likely occur when the agents known as acid, anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) or smallpox (Variola major) are released into a controlled environment, such as a NBA stadium. As evidenced, bio-terror is trending worldwide:

Bio-Terror Timeline:

1. May 15, 2013: Teen Arrested After Causing Chemical Explosion At School Lab(Polk County, Florida)
2. May 27, 2013: French Foreign Minister Says Chemical Weapons Used In Syria (Syria)
3. May 31, 2013:
FBI Says Air Force Letter Contained Bio-Terror Agent “Ricin” (Spokane, Washington)
4. May 31, 2013:
Letters To Obama And Bloomberg Tested For Ricin(New York & Washington D.C.)
5. June 2, 2013:
97 Schoolgirls Poisoned In Suspected Taliban Gas Attack(Maimana, Afghanistan)
6. June 2, 2013:
Iraq Foils Al Qaeda Plot To Use Toy Planes In U.S. Chemical Attacks (Baghdad, Iraq)
7. June 2, 2013:
Troops Raid Terror Cell Making Sarin, Mustard And Nerve Gas (Baghdad, Iraq)
8. June 7, 2013:
Texas Actress Arrested In Ricin Case (Texarkana, Texas)
9. June 7, 2013:
2 Men Indicted Over Failed Cyanide Bombings Of High-Speed Train (Taiwan, China)

[Does not purport to be a full or complete list of events]

2013 NBA Finals Terror
Since 2012, the NBA has experienced numerous attacks, deaths and scandals which are slated to culminate in an unprecedented NBA terror attack. Most of these events were orchestrated to give the public perception that the NBA is under threat prior to a terror attack.

NBA Death Timeline:

1. May 22, 2012:
NBA Game Shooting After OKC Thunder Game Injures 8 People
2. October 3, 2012:
Memphis Grizzlies Executive Dana Davis Inexplicably Found Dead
3. November 14, 2012:
Memphis Grizzlies Assistant General Manager Kenny Williamson Suddenly Dies
4. April 27, 2013:
Police Investigate Death Threats By OKC Ball Boy Against Houston Rocket’s Player
5. May 17, 2013:
2 Golden State Warriors Fans Murdered In Freeway Shooting After Playoff Game
6. May 18, 2013:
Ex-NBA Player Predrag Danilovic Seriously Injured  After Being Stabbed In Nightclub
7. May 21, 2013:
San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker Receives Death Threats During NBA Playoff Game

[Does not purport to be a full or complete list of events]


In 2011, NBA owner
Mark Cuban joined the nationally syndicated television show entitled “Shark Tank” whose season 4 finale in 2013 was both the highest rated show of the night and the most watched with 6.57 million people tuning in. In 2013, numerous NBA stars have gone on TV with even more involved in off the court scandals, celebrity relationships and a whole host of other non-athletic ventures. The more people who are exposed to the NBA prior to a terror attack, the more terrorizing the NBA attack will be.

NBA Headline Timeline:  

1. February 4, 2013: NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Joins The TV Show Cast Of “Splash”
1. March 17, 2013:
Ex-NBA Player Dennis Rodman Visits Kim Jong Il In North Korea
2. April 4, 2013: NBA Player
Chris Bosh Has $340K In Jewelry Stolen From Home
3. April 15, 2013: Report: Ex-NBA Player
Rodman Will Take August 2013 Vacation With Un
4. April 16, 2013: NBA Legend
Magic Johnson’s Son E.J. Officially Declares Himself “Gay”
5. April 19, 2013: Rap Mogul
Jay Z Sell His Stake In The New Jersey Nets Basketball Team
6. April 28, 2013: NBA Legend
Michael Jordan Marries Longtime Girlfriend Yvette Prieto In Florida
7. April 30, 2013: Ex-
NBA Player Jason Collins Officially Declares Himself “Gay”
8. May 9, 2013: Ex-NBA Player
Jason Collins Receives The “Courage Award” From GLSEN
9. May 15, 2013:
Kobe Bryant Feud With Mother Over Memorabilia Set For Trial On June 17, 2013
10. May 17, 2013:
Phil Jackson Releases New Book “Eleven Rings”: Says Jordan Better Than Kobe
11. May 21, 2013: NBA All-Star
Kevin Durant Donated $1 Million To OK Tornado Relief
12. May 25, 2013:
Nike Matches Kevin Durant And Donates $1 Million To OK Tornado Relief
13. May 30, 2013: Report:
Rodman Offered North Korea Gig After Michael Jordan Refused
14. May 30, 2013: NBA All-Star
Steve Nash In Highly Publicized Divorce And Custody Battle
15. May 31, 2013:
Sale Of The Sacramento Kings Officially Completed After Months Of Wrangling
16. June 1, 2013: NBA All-Star
Grant Hill Announces Retirement After 19 NBA Seasons
17. June 3, 2013: NBA Legend
Shaquille O’Neil Cleared Of All Charges Filed By Ex-Mistress
18. June 3, 2013: Ex-NBA All-Star
Mookie Blaylock Charged With Vehicular Homicide
19. June 4, 2013: NBA All-Star
Jason Kidd Announces His Retirement After 19 NBA Seasons
20. June 4, 2013: NBA Player
Kris Humphries And Kim Kardashian Finalize Divorce
21. June 4, 2013: Rapper
Flo Rida’s Manager Ejected From NBA Playoff Game
22. June 4, 2013: Ex-NBA Player
Stephon Marbury And Ex-Lover Lawsuit Trial Set For June 17, 2013

[Does not purport to be a full or complete list of events]

Sports Related Terror “Blinking Red”
Prior to a major terror attack on a sports event like the 2013 NBA Finals, the public must first be psychologically programed that this is in fact possible. Aside from the rich history of terror attacks on sporting events, starting in August of 2012 there has been an unprecedented wave of sports related terror accidents, attacks, hoaxes and threats which have occurred at or near sports facilities worldwide, including the Boston Marathon Bombings. Taken collectively, these events ultimately conclude that sports related terror is blinking red on every level.

Sports Terror Timeline:

1. July 5, 2010: UFC Fighter Mike Wessel Arrested For “Terroristic Threats” (Jonesboro, Arkansas)
2. November 10, 2011:
Stabbing In Stadium Lot During Chargers’ Game (San Diego, California)
3. December 20, 2011:
Lights Go Out Twice At Candlestick Park (San Francisco, California)
4. May 22, 2012:
NBA Game Shooting Injures 8 People (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
5. August 18, 2012: Man Shot Outside Arizona Cardinals Game (Glendale, Arizona)
6. August 21, 2012: Two Shot, One Attacked, At NFL Pre-Season Game (San Francisco, California)
7. August 23, 2012: Fans Possibly Exposed To Rabies At Ravens Game (Baltimore, Maryland)
8. September 13, 2012: Cops Taser Man At NFL Game On 9/11 Anniversary (New York, New York)
9. September 15, 2012: 1 Dead, 1 Wounded In Shooting Near Chiefs Stadium (Kansas City, Missouri)
10. October 13, 2012:
Man Stabbed At Orange Madness At Carrier Dome (Syracuse, New York)
11. October 15, 2012: Fan Stabbed Outside At Giants-49ers Game (San Francisco, California)
12. October 19, 2012: Fan Attacks Soccer Player Chris Kirkland During Game (Leeds, England)
13. October 28, 2012: Over 100 Injured In Chaos At Nassau Coliseum (Long Island, New York)
14. November 15, 2012:
NFL Coach Victim of Theft At Pittsburgh Stadium (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
15. November 16, 2012: Man Found Dead After Bills Game (Buffalo, New York)
16. December 1, 2012:
NFL Player Kills Self At Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City, Missouri)
17. December 7, 2012:
Man Falls From Upper Deck At Oakland Raiders Game (Oakland, California)
18. January 10, 2013: 81 Dead In Twin Suicide Blasts On Billiards Hall (Quetta, Pakistan)
19. January 21, 2013: Falcons Fan Stabbed In Throat In Parking Lot (Atlanta, Georgia)
20. February 3, 2013: Super Bowl XLVII Blackout Leaves Superdome Dark (New Orleans, Louisiana)
21. February 20, 2013:  Syria Soccer Player Killed As Mortars Hit Stadium (Damascus, Syria)
22. February 24, 2013: NASCAR Crash Injures 30 Fans As Debris Flies Into Crowd (Daytona, Florida)
23. March 13, 2013: Suicide Bomber Kills Buzkashi Sports Fans (Kunduz, Afghanistan)
24. March 17, 2013: 2 Killed In Crash At California Raceway (Marysville, California)
25. April 14, 2013: Man Dies In Shooting At NASCAR Race In Texas (Fort Worth, Texas)
26. April 15, 2013:
Boston Marathon Bombings (Boston, Massachusetts)
27. April 26, 2013: Man Arrested In Shooting At Little League T-Ball Game (Vallejo, California)
28. May 16, 2013: Ex-NASCAR Driver Trickle Allegedly Commits Suicide (Boger City, North Carolina)
29. May 27, 2013: NASCAR Fans Injured By TV Cable A Racetrack (Concord, North Carolina)
30. May 28, 2013: Arena Fonte Nova Stadium Roof Collapses (Salvador, Brazil)
31. May 29, 2013: Former College Star And NFL Quarterback Found Dead (Baldwin, Michigan)

[Does not purport to be a full or complete list of events]

Acid Terror Trending
Prior to a high-profile militia bio-terror/acid attack, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. “
Saving Face” (2012) is a film (see trailer) about acid attacks on women who seek the help of a Pakistani doctor in London, while “Dead Man Down” (2013) is a film (see trailer) about a girl who seeks revenge against a man who disfigured her face which appears as if she was attacked by acid.

Recent Acid Headlines:

1. May 13, 2013: Acid Attacks Against Women On The Rise In Italy
2. June 5, 2013:
Acid Attack Survivor Wins Game Show
3. June 5, 2013:
Investigators dissolve Pig In Acid
4. June 7, 2013:
Report Analyzes Spent Lead-Acid Batteries
5. June 7, 2013:
Plastic Surgeon Receives Top Award For Work With Acid Attack Victims

[Does not purport to be a full or complete list of events]

Scoreboard Acid Terror
During a Miami Heat game on March 20, 2013, an acid like substance was found on the floor by LeBron James which was attributed to a leak in hydraulics in the scoreboard above the floor in the Cleveland, Ohio, arena. Based on this foreshadowing, it is possible that the massive scoreboard hanging from the ceilings of NBA arenas could be outfitted with acid and dropped by “terrorists” onto unsuspecting NBA coaches, players or fans in the arena. This “accident” would serve as the initial draw by which millions of people would suddenly tune into the game to witness the mayhem (similarly to the first plane striking the towers on 9/11), only to be blindsided by a string of follow-up terror attacks.

Acid Terror Timeline:

1. January 29, 2012: Homemade Acid Bombs Found At Valencia University (Orlando, Florida)
2. May 21, 2012: Men Steal 4,000 Car Batteries From Automotive Business (Thomasville, North Carolina) 
3. October 6, 2012:
Hazmat Crews Respond To Acid Spill At AB Tech (Asheville, North Carolina)

4. January 18, 2013:
Bolshoi Ballet Director Attacked With Acid (Moscow, Russia)
5. February 3, 2013:
Woman Scared In Acid Attack (London, England)
6. April 3, 2013:
Men Attack 4 Sisters With Acid (Shamli, India)
7. March 29, 2013:
Man Puts Acid In Woman’s Shoes (Tokyo, Japan)
8. May 2, 2013.
Acid Attack Kills Woman (New Deli, India)
9. May 10, 2013:
Acid Leak Causes Evacuation (Lubbock, Texas)
10. May 17, 2013:
Trucks Collide, Spill Acid On I-95 Causing Closer (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
11. May 18, 2013:
Truck Spills Poisonous Hydrofluoric Acid (Siheung, South Korea)
12. May 20, 2013:
Hazmat Crews Respond To Acid Leak (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
13. May 22, 2013:
Fertilizer Plant Boss Apologizes For Sulphuric Acid Leak (Edmonton, Canada)
14. May 24, 2013:
Truck Accident Causes Acid Spill (Oak Ridge, Tennessee)
15. May 25, 2013:
Acid Spill At AAMI Park Triggers Chemical Emergency (Melbourne, Australia)
16. June 3, 2013:
Explosive Acid Taken From Professor’s Home (Montrose, New York)
17 June 5, 2013:
Student Arrested In Connection With Acid Bomb At School (Austin, Texas)
18. June 6, 2013:
Probe Ordered Into Acid Attack On Man By Wife (Lahore, Pakistan)
19. June 6, 2013:
Woman’s Body Found In Tub Of Acid At Home (Nine Mile Falls, Washington)
20. June 6, 2013:
Woman Killed, 5 Family Member Injured In Acid Attack (Thakuranpurwa, India)
21. June 7, 2013:
Man Accused Of Murdering Wife And Dissolving Corpse In Acid (Cairns, Australia)
21. June 8, 2013:
Sulfuric Acid Spill Closes Superior Road (Superior, Arizona)
22. June 8, 2013:
Acid Attack On Speech-Impaired Beggar Girl (Hyderabad, India)

[Does not purport to be a full or complete list of events]

Domestic Terror Imminent
On March 18, 2013, it was reported that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had advised the U.S. government that there is an imminent “domestic terror threat” posed by political conservatives, patriots and conspiracy theorists. The March 5, 2012, SPLC letter to the U.S. Departments of Justice and DHS, refers to its 2013 report entitled “The Year in Hate and Extremism” in which it allegedly found an almost 1000% upsurge in “militias and radical antigovernment groups … from 149 in 2008 to 1,360 in 2012.” In October 1994, the SPLC’s “KlanWatch” program issued a similar warning to the federal government on the purported threat of militias. Six months later on April 19, 1995, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed by the ATF and FBI. False-flag domestic terror to demonize gun loving patriotic Americans is being planned and school busses appear to be the intended target.

“It’s Going Hot”: Racial False-Flag Planned
On August 29, 2012, a few days before foiled DNC acid attack on September 6, 2012, it was reported by Douglas J. Hagmann of the North East Intelligence Network that according to his sources at DHS, “It’s going hot”. The Zionist operative Hagmann then added that there was a “racial component” to the upcoming false-flag terror attack. Hagmann made his dire prediction on the alleged STRATFOR agent Alex Jones’ radio program where he elaborated on the Obama terror plot: “What it is, when I say it’s going hot, or when my sources say it’s going hot, a staged event of some kind, or some sort of a false-flag to type of event to garner sympathy to garner support for the president…Whatever “it” is going to be, it’s going to galvanize, it’s going to polarize I should say, various aspects of our country, the rich versus the poor, the black versus  white, it’s going to cover a gambit of things”. Till we hear different from Hagmann and Jones, we can assume that a race-based bio-terror attack is still being planned by Zionist terrorists. Coincidentally, on June 4, 2013, Curtis Barker, the imperial wizard of the KKK reportedly stated, “Now the summer season is hitting and it’s about time to start doing the rallies with the cross lighting and all that”.

“Suicides” Trending
The notion of “suicide” has been publically disseminated via the attempted suicide of former Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian on June 3, 2013, the attempted suicide of Paris Jackson on June 6, 2013, the attempted suicide of a man on the Today Show on June 6, 2013, and the alleged suicide of two radio hosts on June 6, 2013. Coincidentally, on April 27, 2013, the Taliban have vowed to start a new campaign of mass suicide attacks on foreign military bases and diplomatic areas, as well as damaging “insider attacks”, as part of a new spring offensive this year.

Sports Suicide Terror
In the 2012 Hollywood blockbuster entitled “Act of Valor”, suicide bombers target American sports stadiums, a concept which could transpire in reality at the NBA Finals. Recent suicide terror attacks against sports-like facilities and events show that Hollywood propaganda is finally materializing in reality. According to a May 13, 2012, report, security has been stepped up at airports worldwide as surgically-doctored terrorists plot suicide attacks with implanted bombs that would be undetectable to airport body scanners. On August 14, 2012, it was reported that Al Qaeda, under the heading “Area of activity: The planet Earth,” is allegedly seeking jihadists to carry out suicide attacks. Aside from a recent rash of unprecedented suicide terror threats and scares, the U.S. government has also been preparing for suicide terror by conducting multiple suicide terror drills in order to prepare local, state and federal officials for suicide terror.

Sports Suicide Terror Timeline:

1. March 12, 2006: NCAA Basketball tournament Threatened By Suicide Bombers (Indianapolis, Indiana)
2. January 10, 2013:
81 Dead In Twin Suicide Blasts On Billiards Hall (Quetta, Pakistan)
3. March 13, 2013: Suicide Bomber Kills Buzkashi Sports Fans (Kunduz, Afghanistan)
4. April 4, 2012: 2 Somali Sports Officials Killed In Suicide Blast That Kills 10 (Somalia)

[Does not purport to be a full or complete list of events]

Suicide Terror Blinking Red
Based on recent suicide terror propaganda, recent suicide terror attacks and the recent high-profile cases of suicide terror plots allegedly being thwarted by public officials, suicide terror in America is now blinking red on every level. Although to date America has remained suicide terror free, in 1998, an Israeli suicide bomber plotted to attack the U.S. Capitol although he was not successful due to faulty wiring.

Suicide Terror Timeline:

1. November 2, 1998:Suicide Bomber Attack Thwarted In U.S. House (Washington, D.C.)
2. February 18, 2010:
Man Flies Into U.S. Federal Building In Kamikaze Suicide Attack (Austin, Texas)
3. October 30. 2011:
American Carries Out Somalia Suicide Bombing  (Mogadishu, Somalia)
4. February 17, 2012:
Man Arrested On Way To U.S. Capitol On Suicide Mission (Washington D.C.)
5. April 4, 2012:
2 Somali Sports Officials Killed In Suicide Blast That Kills 10 (Mogadishu, Somalia)
6. May 19, 2012:
Man Straps Explosives To Body, Storms Ex’s House (Kamloops, British Columbia)
7. July 19, 2012:
Suicide Bomber Killed 8 On Bus With Israeli Tourists (Birgas, Bulgaria)
8. September 6, 2012:
Woman Forced To Wear Explosives In Bank Robbery (Los Angeles, California)
9. September 12, 2012:
Somali Pres. And Kenyan FM Escape Suicide Bomber (Mogadishu, Somalia)
10. September 23, 2012:
Suicide Bomb Kills 2 At Nigerian Church (Bauchi, Nigeria)
11. September 26, 2012:
Wires, Gadgets Causes Suicide Terror Scare At Mall (Lawrenceville, Georgia)
12. October 1, 2012:
Halloween Costume Causes Suicide Terror Scare (San Mateo, California)
13. October 4, 2012:
Suicide Bomber Kills 14 Afghanis And 3 U.S. Troops (Khost, Afghanistan)
14. October 17, 2012:
Suicide Bomber Attacks Near US-Afghan Military Base (Zurmat, Afghanistan)
15. October 26, 2012:
Suicide Bomber Attacks Muslim Mosque (Faryab, Afghanistan)
16. October 29, 2012:
Suicide Bomber Kills 7 In Nigerian Church (Kaduna, Nigeria)
17. November 3, 2012:
Suicide Bomber Kills Anti-Taliban Militia Head And 5 Others (Buhner, Pakistan)
18. November 10, 2012:
Twin Suicide Bombings Kill At Least 20 Syrian Troops (Daraa, Syria)
19. November 16, 2012:
Man Arrested With Suicide Bomb Materials At Airport (Oakland, California)
20. November 19, 2012:
Female Bomber Attacks Major Pakistani Politician (Mohmand, Pakistan)
21. November 21, 2012:
Kabul Suicide Bomb Kills Two Near NATO Base (Kabul, Afghanistan)
22. November 22, 2012:
Taliban Suicide Attack Kills 23 In Pakistan (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
23. November 23, 2012:
Suicide Bomber Kills 3, Wounds More Than 90 (Wardak, Afghanistan)
24. November 29, 2012:
Suicide Bomber Wounds Pakistani Militant Commander (Wana, Pakistan)
25. December 2. 2012:
Taliban Suicide Bombers Attack US-Afghan Base (Jalalabad, Afghanistan)
26. December 2, 2012:
Suicide Bombings At U.S.-Afghan Military Base Kills 5 (Jalalabad, Afghanistan)
27. December 22, 2012:
Twin Suicide Bombings Target 2 Major Telecoms Facilities (Kano, Nigeria)
28. December 23, 2012
: Pakistani Official Targeted, Killed In Suicide Blast (Peshawar, Pakistan)
29. January 7, 2013:
Suicide Bombers Kills 5 At Meeting Of Tribal Elders (Spin Boldak, Afghanistan)
30. January 10, 2013:
81 Dead In Twin Suicide Blasts On Billiards Hall (Quetta, Pakistan)
31. January 16, 2013:
Suicide Car Bomb Strikes Kurdish Party Office Killing 4 (Kirkuk, Iraq)
32. January 16, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Attacks In Afghan Capital (Kabul, Afghanistan)
33. January 16, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Kills Iraqi Lawmaker (Falluja, Iraq)
34. January 18, 2913:
At Least 12 Dead In Twin Suicide Blasts (Damascus, Syria)
35. January 26, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Afghani Military Officers (Kunduz, Afghanistan)
36. January 29, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Attacks Office Of Somali Prime Minister (Mogadishu, Somalia)
37. February 1, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Attacks U.S. Embassy, Kills Guard (Ankara, Turkey)
38. February 1, 2013:
Deadly Suicide Blast At Market Kills 23 (Hangu, Pakistan)
39. February 3, 2013:
Suicide Car Bomb Targeting Police Kills At Least 15 (Kirkuk, Iraq)
40. February 4, 2013:
23 Killed, Dozens Wounded In Suicide Bombing (Taji, Iraq)
41. February 8, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up Near Mali Soldiers (Gao, Mali)
42. February 9, 2013:
Mali Army Arrests 2 Men Wearing Suicide Belts (Gao, Mail)
43. February 11, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Attacks Somali Police Commander (Somalia)
44. February 17, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Attack On Market Kills 83 (Hazara, Pakistan)
45. February 21, 2013:
2 Suicide Bombings Kill At Least 3 (Maiduguri, Nigeria)
46. March 1, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Attacks Seaside Restaurant, 2nd Such Attack (Mogadishu, Somalia)
47. March 9, 2013:
Suicide Blast Near Afghan Defense Ministry Kills 9 (Kabul, Afghanistan)
48. March 11, 2013:
Suicide Attacks On Police Station Reportedly Kill 11 (Dibis, Iraq)
49. March 12, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Targeting Police Kills 2 People (Bannu, Pakistan)
50. March 13, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Kills Buzkashi Sports Fans (Kunduz, Afghanistan)
51. March 18, 2013:
10 Killed In Suicide Car Bombing In Mogadishu (Mogadishu, Somalia)
52. March 20, 2013:
“Suicide Bomber” Blows Himself Up Outside House (Patton, Pennsylvania)
53. March 21, 2013:
Suicide Attack On Damascus Mosque Kills 42 (Damascus, Syria)
54. March 21, 2013:
Mali Suicide Bombing Leaves 2 Dead (Timbuktu, Mali)
55. March 22, 2013:
Suicide Bombing Kills 3 Near U.S. Embassy (Kabul, Afghanistan)
56. March 26, 2013:
Taliban Suicide Bombers Kill Five Afghan Police (Kabul, Afghanistan)
57. March 29, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Attacks Mosque Kills 3 And Wounds 70 (Kirkuk, Iraq)
58. March 29, 2013:
Suicide Attack On Security Convoy Kills 6, Including 2 Women (Peshawar, Pakistan)
59. April 1, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Drives Oil Tanker Into Police Station Killing 9 (Tikrit, Iraq)
60. April 6, 2013:
Suicide Bomber Kills 20 At Political Lunch (Baqouba, Iraq)
61. April 8, 2013:
Suicide Car Bombing Kills At Least 15 (Damascus, Syria)
62. April 12, 2013: Suicide Bombing At Market Kills At Least 3 (Kidal, Mali)
63. April 15, 2013: Man Explodes In Apparent Botched Suicide Bombing (Costa Mesa, California)
64. April 17, 2013: 15 Killed In Suicide Bombing Targets Political Party (Peshawar, Pakistan)
65. April 18, 2013: Suicide Bombing On Cafe Kills 22, Wounds 35 (Baghdad, Iraq)
66. May 2, 2013: Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up At Market: Kills 2 Children (Dagestan, Russia)
67. May 4, 2013: Suicide Bomber Kills 5, Including 2 Malian Soldiers (Gao, Mali)
68. May 10, 2013: 5 Suicide Bombers Attack Military Base And Checkpoints  (Gossi, Mali)
69. May 20, 2013: Suicide Attack On Provincial Council Headquarters Kills 10 (Baghlan, Afghanistan)
70. May 22, 2013: Suicide Bomber Kills 4 In Market Attack (Ghazni, Afghanistan)
71. May 24, 2013: Suicide Bomber Strikes Afghan Religious Leader  Killing 3 (Peshawar, Pakistan)
72. May 25, 2013: Suicide Bombing Strikes Near Interior Ministry Injuring 13 (Dagestan, Russia)
73. May 25, 2013: Suicide Bombers Kill 35 In Mine And Military Attacks (Agadez & Arlit, Mali)
74. May 28, 2013: Suicide Truck Bomb Kill At Least 7 (Baghdad, Iraq)
75. June 2, 2013: Suicide Bomber Attacks Police Station (Poso, Indonesia)
76. June 4, 2013: Suicide Bomber Detonates Inside House (Bamako, Mali)
77. June 4, 2013: 10 Children, 2 ISAF Soldiers Killed In Suicide Bombing (Paktia, Afghanistan)

[Does not purport to be a full or complete list of events]

The goal of the Zionists running America is to get America to destroy herself the same way that Russia was destroyed under Stalin. This is done by dividing and then collapse society upon itself by baiting the gun-owning American public into a violent revolution against their own police and military while the Zionist terrorists sit off-shore and pull the strings. In the aftermath of a bloody wave of real or staged terror attacks, Zionist operative such as Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh will attempt bait gun-owning Americans into taking up arms against the U.S. government. Predictably, these intelligence operatives will blame Obama for either ordering the acts of terror himself, or allowing Iran to commit the attacks.

About the Author

David Chase Taylor, the editor-in-chief of Truther.org, is an American journalist living in Zürich, Switzerland, where he has applied for political asylum after the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with stopping a false-flag/state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon America. Taylor has also released The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the coming global bio-terror pandemic. Taylor has also been credited with exposing numerous terror plots including the 2012 DNC Terror Plot, the “Twilight” Premier Terror Plot, and the Alex Jones links to STRATFOR.

Truther.org Legal Disclaimer
Truther.org’s stated purpose is to prevent terror attacks by drawing unwanted global attention to these terror plots prior to their fruition. Terror related assertions, forecasts and predictions made by Truther.org DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there is a distinct possibility they could theoretically happen based on the cumulative terror related data. Historically, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed (e.g., the Super Bowl Nuclear Terror Plot), the terror plot is immediately canceled or postponed. State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, as well as mislead the public from the true perpetrators of terror. By first identifying and then connecting the dots of the terror related paper trail, Truther.org has successfully blown the whistle on numerous terror related plots. Please spread the word in helping make terrorism a thing of the past. Namaste.

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