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MARCH 28, 2016

EARTH, Undisclosed Location — Despite the incessant rumors that one Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Hawaii or Kenya and subsequently raised in Indonesia, Obama was evidently born and raised in Switzerland where he admittedly has blood relatives and has even been named an honorary citizen.

Based on where the Obama family reportedly emanated from in Ried bei Kerzers, Switzerland, as well as Obama’s physical traits and personal mannerisms, it appears that Obama is a hybrid descendant of Septimius Severus, the first African Roman Emperor, and the late American civil rights leader Malcom X.

The bloodline of Severus is a historical tribute to the Roman Empire’s house (i.e., line) of dictators which is coincidentally depicted in the coat of arms of Ried bei Kerzers, while the bloodline of Malcolm X is a genetic tribute to the charismatic African-American leader who Obama is supposed to emulate.

Obama was given the birth name of “Barry Soetoro” which he retained until circa 1980 when he was subsequently re-named Barack Hussein Obama II. The fictitious name of “O-bomb-a” was created to foreshadow the impending nuclear attack on America which will ultimately elevate Obama to dictator status.

Similar to Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini and Kim Jong-un (all of which lived in Switzerland prior to their role as dictators), Obama was groomed by the CIA in Switzerland to become the dictator of his respective country—the United States of America. This will happen in the aftermath of a so-called “National Emergency”.

However, unlike his predecessors, Obama is a Manchurian Candidate under state-of-the-art mind-control. In short, Obama has evidently been programmed to act and speak electronically (likely via an insertable microchip) which is why his presidency has become synonymous with teleprompters which provide him the necessary political cover.

The notion that Obama is under mind control is corroborated by the fact that he exudes massive cranial scaring which suggests that the president previously underwent extensive brain surgery. However, because Obama’s medical records are sealed, the official cause of his pronounced head scars remains unknown.

As the actor Denzel Washington stated in the 2004 Hollywood propaganda film entitled “The Manchurian Candidate” (which coincidentally foreshadows an Obama dictatorship), “This is a coup…In our own country, a regime change…to put a sleeper in the White House”.

If Obama is under mind control as alleged, he would have a “handler” which manages his psyche on an almost daily basis. Coincidentally, Obama’s alleged college girlfriend, Genevieve Cook, appears to be the same person as psychologist Dr. Lisa E. Jack, whom together have shadowed Obama for 41 of his 54-years of life.

Aside from the fact that the Obama is a chain smoker who has long been rumored to be a homosexual, evidence now suggests that Obama never attended Occidental College, Columbia College or Harvard Law School, or taught at the University of Chicago Law School as alleged, making him the epitome of an intellectual fraud.

This notion is corroborated by the fact that there are no photos or video of Obama graduating from Columbia College, and no photos or video of Obama graduating from Harvard Law School, despite being the first African-American President of the prestigious Harvard Law Review.

In the introduction of his book “Dreams from My Father” (2004), Obama writes, “For we are strangers before them, and sojourners, as were all our fathers”. The Bible verse from 1 Chronicles 29:15 evidently serves as a veiled warning to all of humanity that Obama is not who or what he purports to be.

As many have suspected, Obama is slated to become America’s first dictator—the next Adolf Hitler if you will. Similar to Nazi Germany, the mass genocide of millions is planned via FEMA concentration camps which have now been erected across the United States under the guise of Homeland Security (DHS).

Therefore, the only way to stop the impending Obama dictatorship is to expose the power which lies behind the throne, namely CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva, Switzerland which is ultimately in command and control of Obama’s person, policies and presidency in general.

The fact that Obama’s motorcade is officially entitled “The Beast” is no accident for it was designed to foreshadow the rise of the Anti-Christ, the dreaded “Mark of the Beast” (i.e., “666”), and the “End Times” which is why the world is now suffering unprecedented chaos, climate change, disease, terrorism and war.

In short, Obama is the Anti-Christ long warned about in the Holy Bible (the allegorical and metaphorical history book of the Roman Empire) who was genetically spawned by the CIA in Switzerland to counter the arrival of the Messiah and the Apocalypse which, contrary to popular belief, does mean the “End of the World”.

Rather, the term apocalypse is defined as the “uncovering” in respect to information about Roman Empire in Greenland and its CIA Headquarters located beneath Lake Geneva in Switzerland as documented in the shocking book “Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now” (2014) by David Chase Taylor.

Because virtually all major religions prophesize that the Roman Empire and its Anti-Christ (i.e., Obama) will be destroyed by the Messiah, it stands to reason that the Messiah is now here on Earth to usher in the Messianic Age (i.e., the World to Come), otherwise known as the Age of Aquarius.

As the playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton once stated, “The pen is mightier than the sword“, but that was prior to the invention of the internet. Consequently, the power to stop Obama now lies in the hands of people reading this report. Peace on Earth will not come until humanity demands it, and that time must be now!



3.1: Obama Under CIA Mind Control
As evidenced, there are a number of red flags which indicate that Barack Hussein Obama II is under state-of-the-art mind control. This notion is corroborated by the fact that: a) CIA operatives within the media and politics have foreshadowed for years that Obama is in fact a Manchurian Candidate; b) Obama has undergone major brain surgery from which he has retained massive cranial scaring; c) technology now exists which enables the thoughts and actions of humans to be controlled electronically via an insertable microchip, hence Obama’s cranial scaring; d) Obama has been shadowed since at least 1980 by Dr. Lisa E. Jack, his apparent handler who doubles as a clinical psychologist; e) Obama is a chain-smoker (i.e., “daily smoker”) which is evidently how he medicated on daily basis; f) Obama admittedly watches ESPN all day, every day, a telltale sign that he has a dormant mind; g) Obama routinely uses a teleprompter, his “familiar crutch”, a colossal hoax that provides the necessary political cover for his state-of-the-art form of mind control; h) the White House was evidently renovated to accommodate Obama who is in need of daily medical updates; and i) the Hollywood propaganda film entitled “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004) is a veiled tribute to the first-ever real-life Manchurian Candidate, also known as Barack Obama. According to unknown White House source, Obama displays all the telltale signs of mind control: “President Obama finished the speech, walked off the stage, was escorted to the back corridor where he collapsed into a seat against the wall.  Both hands went to each side of his head which was leaning down almost between his knees. You could see marks on the sides of his face where the stage makeup had been rubbed off by his hands. He wears that stuff everywhere these days.  A staffer walked up and leaned over the president and told him it was time to go.  The president looked up, gave a little smile, and got to his feet slowly. Very slowly.  The only word he said was ‘Yeah.’  There was no excitement. No energy from him.  The people around the president seemed to ignore his condition.  They looked right through him until he started walking down the hallway toward the outside.  They followed alongside him and seemed to kind of push him out the door.  The president looked incredibly tired. Used up”. The notion that Obama is not really in charge of the White House was confirmed by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner who stated in 2011 that “[Obama] is not in charge. I am”. In reality, the CIA is in charge and Geithner like Obama is just a puppet, albeit a more autonomous one.

3.2: Glitches in Obama’s Mind Control Program
The notion that Barack Hussein Obama II is under state-of-the-art mind control is corroborated by that fact that Obama generally has the same monotone voice, regardless of what he’s saying.  It’s as if Obama doesn’t really know or care about what he’s actually saying—routinely speaking without any sense of passion or purpose. In what appears to be the Achilles’s Heel of Obama’s state-of-the art mind control system, a technical glitch has been identified in which Obama repeatedly utters the word “uh” in between the sentences he has been programmed to say. Similar to how a period represents the end of sentence in text, the word “uh” evidently represents the end of a sentence or line of thought within Obama’s digital mind control system. Obama’s mind control glitch was first highlighted, albeit in a de facto manner, by the Late Show with David Letterman on February 17, 2010, which aired a segment entitled “Barack Obama ‘Uh’ Count” which shows Obama uttering the term “uh” a total of 29 times during a short interview. Said mind control glitch was also on display during the second debate of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election during which Obama uttered the word “uh” a total of 236 times during a 90-minute debate with Mitt Romney. Needless to say, for an allegedly Harvard trained lawyer, the “uh” count is staggering and suggests that there is more than meets the eye in respect to Obama and his mental capacity (of lack thereof).

Obama Manchurian.jpg

3.3: Obama: The Manchurian Candidate
Ever since Barack Hussein Obama II was elected President of the United States in 2008, rumors have been circulating that Obama is a Manchurian Candidate under CIA mind control. A Manchurian Candidate is essentially a person who has been brainwashed into preforming actions upon receiving a special code word or trigger phrase. That being said, a modern Manchurian Candidate could also perform actions upon receiving a digital code or transmission such as a computer update, likely transmitted wirelessly. A Manchurian Candidate acts and behaves normally prior to receiving a given trigger, with no knowledge of what he or she will do while under the influence of said mind control. Consequently, there is no memory of what a person says or does while he or she is under mind control. While CIA mind control projects such as Project MKUltra previously bred assassins to kill or become patsies in various assassinations plots targeting political figures (e.g., John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, Robert F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, etc.), advances in computers and digital technology have enabled scientists to breed real-life political puppets which are in essence mind-controlled biological androids. The notion that Obama is a Manchurian Candidate was first foreshadowed by Roger Cohen in a New York Times report from February 11, 2008, entitled “No Manchurian Candidate”. Cohen stated that “The attacks, mainly anonymous e-mails, have woven together various threads—his middle name ‘Hussein’; schooling in Muslim Indonesia; his Chicago pastor’s embrace of the anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan; and his calls for dialogue with Iran—to portray Obama as the Muslim Manchurian Candidate”. Cohen, a Jew, also stated that “Jews should get over the scaremongering: Obama is no Manchurian”. Nevertheless, despite Cohen’s assurances, all signs indicate that Obama is in fact a real-life Manchurian Candidate. A few months before Obama was even elected president, CIA-funded author and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley published a book entitled “Obama: The Postmodern Coup – Making of a Manchurian Candidate” (2008) which stated that “Obama is a deeply troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by the intelligence agencies” who is controlled by Zbigniew Brzezinski, and that “Obama is a recipe for a world tragedy”. Roughly 7-years later on April 8, 2015, former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney stated that Obama is acting like a real-life “Manchurian Candidate” in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt. Cheney also stated that Obama is “…the worst president we’ve ever had” and that “if you had somebody as president who wanted to take America down, who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world and reduce our capacity to influence events, turn our back on our allies and encourage our adversaries, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama’s doing”. As stated in the Talking Points Memo, Cheney is in essence describing the plot of “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004), a Hollywood propaganda film (see below) which features an American politician running for the office of president who has been programmed to be destroy the United States from within. Needless to say, life is about to imitate art once again. The notion that Obama is a Manchurian Candidate was again foreshadowed in a July 15, 2014, report from Breitbart News entitled “Obama the ‘Manchurian Candidate’” which defines a Manchurian Candidate as “a person who hates everything America stands for and whose goal is to win the presidency for the express purpose of destroying the greatest nation”. The report also states that “The greatest conspiracy in world history is being carried out by the real-life ‘Manchurian Candidate’: President Barack Obama”.

Obama Head Scars

3.4: Obama’s Cranial Scaring
During the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign, Obama released summary medical information from his personal physician, David L. Scheiner, M.D., which pronounced him to be in “excellent health”. Obama also released the results of his first “periodic” physical exam on February 28, 2010, and the results of his second “periodic” exam on October 31, 2011. However, what Obama has not released is information in respect to his pronounced head scars which suggest that he was either in a terrible accident or was the victim of major brain surgery. In the event that Obama is in fact under mind control, it would stand to reason that he would have undergone major brain surgery. Although only conjecture, it’s highly likely that Obama has had major brain operation so that electronic and/or medical-related devices could be implanted into his skull. Since Obama, his doctors and White House have never mentioned these scars, and the CIA-run media have never even asked about them, it can be deduced that the topic of Obama’s head scars is under a strict CIA gag order. In other words, no one is allowed to discuss Obama’s head scars under any circumstance. That being said, back on April 6, 2011, the Daily Mail of London published a report entitled “Mystery Scars on Obama’s Head Prompt Another Question from Conspiracy Theorists – Has the President Had Brain Surgery?” which contained shocking photos of Obama who appears to have long scars which go up both sides of his head and over his crown. Although the scars in question could theoretically be the result of a bad haircut, birthmark or Photoshop, it’s far more likely that Obama underwent major brain surgery so that a microchip such as a cranial transmitter/transponder (CTT) could be inserted into his skull. This would, in theory, allow Obama to speak off of a pre-recorded digital script which was previously uploaded onto the microchip allegedly located in his brain. Coincidentally, this exact type of implantable brain device was registered at the U.S. patent office on September 30, 2003 under the number 7187967 whose title is “Apparatus and Method for Detecting Neural Signals and Using Neural Signals to Drive External Functions”. Due to Obama’s apparent dependency on this implantable device, he has become infamous for his use of teleprompters, a colossal hoax designed to muddy the waters in respect to the fact that he is speaking with the aid of electronic mind-control, not from the teleprompters as it would publicly appear.


3.5: Mind Control Now Scientifically Possible
The notion that science has evolved to the point of enabling a human like
Barack Hussein Obama II to become a mind controlled biological android was essentially confirmed in an August 7, 2013, report entitled “New Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation System the First to Sense and Record Brain Activity While Delivering Therapy” which revealed that Medtronic, Inc. announced the “first implant of a novel deep brain stimulation (DBS) system that, for the first time, enables the sensing and recording of select brain activity while simultaneously providing targeted DBS therapy”. In other words, the human brain can now be controlled externally via an insertable microchip, making human animatronics a reality. Exactly a year later on August 7, 2014, Popular Mechanics published a report entitled “A Microchip That Mimics the Human Brain” which revealed that IBM researchers have built a microchip that simulates the human brain with million neurons and more than 250 million synapses. In the abstract of a Science Magazine report from August 8, 2014, entitled “The Brain Chip”, it was revealed that “researchers at IBM and Cornell University report creating the world’s first production-scale neuromorphic computing chip. The novel approach to hardware is made up of 5.4 billion transistors that are wired to emulate a brain with 1 million ‘neurons’ that talk to one another via 256 million “synapses”. Roughly 3-weeks later on August 27, 2014, IEEE Spectrum published a report entitled “DARPA Project Starts Building Human Memory Prosthetics” which revealed that “The first memory-enhancing devices could be implanted within four years”, technology which was likely discovered decades prior. The report goes on to state that the Computational Memory Lab at the University of Pennsylvania has orders from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to build “a prosthetic memory device that’s ready for implantation in a human brain” and that scientists have already developed “one experimental implant that can both record neural activity and stimulate the brain”. Lastly, the notion that thoughts can control computers (and vice versa) was essentially confirmed by a Washington Post report from May 22, 2015, which revealed that “Researchers are working on all manner of silicon-based devices that go inside the body and manipulate the body’s signals to create motion” and that this will “usher in a new era of robot adjuncts controlled by someone’s thoughts that will be able to perform all manner of jobs from lifting dangerous objects to filing papers”. Needless to say, these reports, taken collectively, confirm that the technology needed create an electronically controlled real-life Manchurian Candidate not only exists but is being utilized in laboratories around the world on a daily basis.

Lisa Jack Collage

3.6: Obama Handler & Psychologist Lisa E. Jack
In the event that Barack Hussein Obama II is in under state-of-the-art mind control, it would stand to reason that he would be shadowed by a handler. A handler is someone who is under strict CIA orders to instruct, monitor and shadow mind control candidates before, during and after their respective missions. In Obama’s case, his handler appears to be Dr. Lisa E. Jack, a psychologist whose faculty webpage at Augsburg College lists her as an “instructor”. Aside from being a psychology professor, Jack is also a therapist who holds a private practice, Obama evidently being patient #1. Jack reportedly came to Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota back in 1994 when Obama was an alleged professor at University of Chicago Law School in Chicago, Illinois which is only 408 miles (656 kilometers) away. Interestingly, Jack’s bio says nothing of her college courses, conferences or academic papers except in respect her psychological studies of cigarette smokers, Obama apparently being one of them (see below). The link between Jack and Obama was first made public on December 17, 2008, when TIME magazine published a report entitled “Obama: The College Years” which contained a collection of photographs Jack allegedly took of Obama while in college. According to reports, Jack met Obama back in 1980 during a photo shoot while the two were allegedly students at Occidental University in Los Angeles. According to Jack, “…My roommate’s best friend introduced me to this “hot guy” named Barry, I knew I had to take his picture because, well, he was “hot” and I just couldn’t resist. Barry agreed to be a model”. Jack went on to state that “…Now that “Barry” is the President-Elect, I offer [the photos] up so that others may see a side to him I have yet to observe captured in the current maelstrom of contemporary media”. According to an op-ed by Jack, she “ran” into Obama on campus “occasionally, but [they] didn’t interact all that often”. Jack then states that “The next summer, while I was at a club in Hawaii, I spotted Barry sitting at a table near mine”…That was the last time I was to see Barry for over 25 years”. While in Washington, D.C. in 2005, Jack allegedly “stopped by Senator Obama’s office to say hello”, yelling out, “Hey Barry…Senator Obama”. According to Jack, Obama “looked over and knew exactly who [she] was”, something one would expect if she was in fact Obama’s handler. Jack then met Obama on June 3, 2008, in St. Paul, Minnesota when he learned that he was the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Interestingly, Jack states that “I won’t share how I made it into the bowels of the building, but I bet the Secret Service guy remembers me”. The fact that an allegedly random photographer was granted access to Obama by the Secret Service during the most important moment Obama’s political career is quite telling and suggests that Jack has the highest CIA clearance available. In short, Dr. Lisa E. Jack, who holds a doctorate of psychology from the University of Southern California, wants us to believe that she just randomly met Obama while in college in California in 1980, randomly met Obama while on vacation in Hawaii in 1981, randomly met Obama while visiting Washington, D.C., in 2005, and randomly met Obama while in Minnesota in 2008. Needless to say, these 4 meetings between Jack and Obama were not random as alleged, but rather part of an elaborate scheme designed to: a) hide the fact that Jack is Obama’s handler, and b) sell the notion that Obama is a normal person who attended Occidental College, has real-life friends, and went on vacation like most students do. Also, since Obama has evidently been under mind control all of his adult life, he requires constant psychological monitoring by a physician to ensure that he is: a) progressing as planned, b) taking medications as prescribed, and c) is not experiencing any unforeseen or unwanted side-effects of the state-of-the-art microchip which has likely been implanted into his brain. That is why no matter where Obama travels, Jack follows. Lastly, on October 1, 2009, Augsburg College published a report entitled “Finding Perspective” which revealed that after Jack’s college photos of Obama were released to the public, “Jack has never heard a word from Obama or anyone at the White House”. Needless to say, the statement was made to sell the notion that the relationship between Jack and Obama is over, which it’s obviously not.

Name: Lisa E. Jack
University: Augsburg College
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Degree: Ph.D., University of Southern California (Counseling Psychology)
Office: Memorial Hall 329
Phone: 612-330-1221
E-mail: jack@augsburg.edu

Genevieve Cook Collage

3.7: Obama’s College Girlfriend Genevieve Cook (aka Lisa E. Jack)
In the event that Lisa E. Jack is the official handler of Barack Hussein Obama II, it would stand to reason that she was in Obama’s life in some capacity prior to and after his alleged time at Occidental University which reportedly lasted until 1981. Coincidentally, Obama’s alleged college girlfriend, Genevieve Cook, whom he allegedly met in 1983 while at a Christmas party in New York City, happens to looks identical to Jack (see above photo). When contrasting photos of Cook (top row) with those of Jack (bottom row), the similarities are striking. Similar to Jack, Cook randomly ran into Obama on multiple occasions while abroad which suggests that she was shadowing him in some capacity as well. According to a Vanity Fair report from June 2012 entitled “Becoming Obama”, Obama and Cook’s “stays in Jakarta [Indonesia] had overlapped for a few years, starting in 1967”. As any good handler would do prior to the age of computers, Cook reportedly “…kept a journal […] and thought of herself as an observer […] and at times exasperating mother”. In other words, since Cook was acting as Obama’s personal handler, she kept tabs on him with a journal and played the role of mother psychologist as opposed to Obama’s lover since he’s evidently gay. This notion is corroborated by the fact that as of 1984, Obama and Cook were “seeing each other regularly on Thursday nights […] and on weekends”. Needless to say, the highly regimented schedule is more indicative of a doctor-patient relationship than a romantic one. In order to hide the notion that Obama is gay and that Jack is his psychologist (i.e., handler), Obama refers to Cook in his book entitled “Dreams from My Father” (2004), stating: “There was a woman in New York that I loved…She was white. She had dark hair, and specks of green in her eyes. Her voice sounded like a wind chime. We saw each other for almost a year. On the weekends, mostly”. After their alleged breakup, Cook wrote in her journal, “Thursday, May 23, 1985: Barack leaving my life—at least as far as being lovers goes”. The latter journal entry is telling for Cook would stay in Obama’s life as Lisa E. Jack, his apparent handler. It is imperative to note that that aside from the three photos of Cook (see above photo), there are no other photos of one Genevieve Cook, despite her alleged romance with the Leader of the Free World. Consequently, it can be deduced that the likeness of Genevieve Cook was either completely fabricated (which would explain how she has managed avoided the paparazzi and remained free of the tabloids), or Cook is now living her life as Lisa E. Jack, a psychologist who doubles as Obama’s handler. Considering that Cook was admittedly in Obama’s life from 1967 until 1985, and Jack was admittedly in Obama’s life from 1980 until 2008, the woman known as Genevieve Cook/Lisa E. Jack has shadowed Obama in some capacity for 41 of his 54-years of life, starting when he was evidently 6-years old. The fact that virtually nothing is known about this woman is highly suspicious and confirms, albeit in a de facto manner, that she has and continues to play a vital role Obama life; evidently as handler of a mind controlled Manchurian Candidate who is slated to become America’s first dictator.

Obama Smoker

3:8: Chain-Smoker Obama
In the event that Barack Hussein Obama II is under mind control, it would stand to reason that he would be ingesting some form of medication on a daily basis, possibly in the form of cigarettes. Medicated cigarettes would be a discreet way for Obama’s handlers to keep him sedated and manageable in a discreet manner. According to reports, Obama began smoking in his late teens and was still smoking when he launched his U.S. presidential campaign in 2007. According to a 2008 letter from David L. Scheiner, M.D., Obama’s personal doctor since 1987, Obama’s medical history includes “intermittent cigarette smoking”, although he allegedly “quit this practice on several occasions and is currently using Nicorette gum with success”. Although Obama calls himself a “former smoker”, evidence suggests that he is a full-time smoker who has no intention of quitting. This notion was confirmed on June 23, 2009, during a press conference at the White House in which Obama stated “I’ve said before that as a former smoker I constantly struggle with it…Have I fallen off the wagon sometimes? Yes. Am I a daily smoker, a constant smoker? No”. Obama’s statement, which was likely written by a lawyer, is rather deceptive in that Obama “constantly struggles” with smoking but is not a “constant smoker”. The notion that Obama is a chain smoker was foreshadowed 4-months later by The Globe which published a tabloid report on November 17, 2009, with the headline “Obama Lung Cancer Drama” that was flanked by the terms “Coughing Fits”, “Chest Pains”, and “Alarming 25 LB Weight Loss”. Despite Obama’s incessant claims that he has quit smoking, the Associated Press revealed on May 5, 2010, that Doctor Scheiner has confirmed that Obama is still smoking cigarettes. Despite the doctor’s official findings, Michelle Obama announced that Barack had not touched cigarettes for almost a year on February 9, 2011. Almost 3-years later on September 24, 2013, USA Today quoted Obama telling a United Nations official that “I haven’t had a cigarette in 6 years…that’s because I’m scared of my wife”. Considering that the latter claims made by both Michelle and Barack completely contradict Obama’s previous statements as well as those made by his doctor, it can be deduced that Obama has never stopped smoking. This notion was confirmed yet again on June 9, 2015, when Obama was photographed with a pack of cigarettes at the G7 summit in Germany. Despite passing himself off as an athlete who routinely plays basketball and golf, Obama is a chain smoker who evidently does not care about his long-term health. Lastly, on October 22, 2015, USA Today published a propaganda report entitled “Obama Cites Past Smoking Habit”, further selling the lie that Obama quit smoking despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Needless to say, these reports, taken collectively, confirm that Obama is a chain-smoker who has no intention of quitting. Considering that Obama’s alleged handler, Dr. Lisa E. Jack, conducts psychological studies of cigarette smokers, it’s highly likely that Obama’s cigarette habit is an integral part of his mind control program, hence the incessant need by the CIA to cover it up.

Obama TV

3.9: Obama Watches ESPN All-Day, Every Day
In the event that Barack Hussein Obama II is under mind control as alleged, it stands to reason that he would be sedated (possibly due to medicated cigarettes) and rather absent-minded while out of the public’s eye. Coincidentally, Obama appears to have an unnatural infatuation with ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network), colloquially known as the sports channel. Consequently, it’s highly likely that ESPN serves as the intermittent programming for Obama brain while he is between mind controlled public appearances. In other words, ESPN is the de facto soundtrack of Obama’s brain which keeps him calm and relatively mentally stable. This notion was confirmed in a January 13, 2010, report from The Hill which revealed that the Obamas watch ESPN’s SportsCenter in the mornings during their daily 5:30 AM workouts. Obama also joked that his wife Michelle’s knowledge of sports “is important in our marriage”. Translation: Obama is essentially married to sports, hence his infatuation with ESPN. In a Business Insider report from December 12, 2014, Obama stated that “I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning. I get so much politics I don’t want to be inundated with a bunch of chatter about politics during the day”. Translation: Obama can’t be bothered with politics, a clear sign that he is in fact a Manchurian Candidate and that his political knowledge, rhetoric and subsequent political decisions are not his own. Obama also stated that “SportsCenter when I work out in the morning gives me a pretty good sense about what’s going on”. Translation: Obama watches ESPN all-day every day and therefore has no real sense of what is actually going on in America, or the world for that matter. Obama also stated that he would turn on ESPN when reading a “really fat briefing book” and that “There are times that I will admit at night, when I’ve got a really fat briefing book, where I might have the game on with the sound off”. In the event that Obama is under mind control as alleged, the “fat briefing book” Obama claims to read at night is likely non-existent. Nevertheless, the fact that Obama admittedly watches ESPN from morning to night confirms, albeit in a de facto manner, that Obama is a Manchurian Candidate under mind control who is highly brainwashed. Obama’s obsession with ESPN is not relegated to just ESPN television programming for he has golfed with ESPN anchors on multiple occasions. The first reported incident occurred on July 13, 2013, when Obama went golfing with ESPN hosts Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser at Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, Virginia. Roughly 2-months later on September 14, 2013, Obama once again went golfing with ESPN hosts Wilbon and Kornheiser at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Roughly 10-months later on July 26, 2014, Obama once again went golfing with ESPN hosts Wilbon and Kornheiser at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland. Roughly a year later on July, 5, 2015, Obama once again went golfing again with ESPN hosts Wilbon and Kornheiser at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Lastly, on October 24, 2015, Obama went golfing with ESPN host Kornheiser at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm in Potomac, Maryland. Obama’s high profile golf outings with ESPN anchors are also designed to dispel rumors that Obama uses his golf outings for homosexual orgies with young male members of the White House staff (see below).

Obama Teleprompter Head

3:10: Obama Teleprompter Hoax
Because Barack Hussein Obama II is evidently a Manchurian Candidate under state-of-the-art mind control, an elaborate hoax has been perpetrated on the world that Obama is desperately in need of a teleprompter. In reality however, nothing could be further from the truth. In other words, because Obama’s actions and words are likely scripted via an embedded electronic microchip, he is only repeating what he has been programmed to say and therefore has absolutely no use for a teleprompter. Nevertheless, there has been a concerted effort to highlight Obama’s alleged use of a teleprompter, most of which has been self-inflicted by Obama himself, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, the White House, and countless CIA operatives within the media and politics in general. Also, there have been at least 8 publicity stunts (see below) which have highlighted Obama’s incessant need (or lack thereof) for teleprompters on an international level. These publicity stunts are flanked by hundreds of propaganda reports which have made the Obama presidency synonymous with teleprompters. The obvious question is, “Why?”. Under normal circumstances, the continuous use of a teleprompter would be a politician’s downfall, but not in Obama case. Because the CIA’s top priority is to conceal that fact that Obama is under state-of-the-art mind control, they welcome and exacerbate every teleprompter-related article, association and joke linking Obama to teleprompters.

Obama Teleprompter

3.11: Obama Teleprompter Timeline
Ever since Barack Hussein Obama II was elected President of the United States in 2008, there has been a highly coordinated effort by the CIA and its respective minions in the media and politics to associate Obama with the use of teleprompters. Needless to say, they have been successful for the Obama presidency has since become synonymous with teleprompters. In what appears to be the first CIA-spawned publicity stunt designed to highlight Obama’s alleged use of  a teleprompter on an international level, The Guardian published a report on March 18, 2009, entitled “‘That’s Your Speech’: Teleprompter Feeds Irish PM Obama’s Words” which highlighted the fact that while in Ireland, Obama’s teleprompter fed him words meant for the Prime Minister of Ireland, resulting in a global media storm over Obama’s alleged use of a teleprompter. Roughly a month later on April 25, 2009, it was reported that the Associated Press’ Ron Fournier was concerned by Obama’s teleprompter use which he called a “familiar crutch”. Needless to say, nothing could be further from the truth as Obama’s crutch appears to be his state-of-the-art mind control system. In what appears to be the second CIA-spawned publicity stunt designed to highlight Obama’s alleged use of a teleprompter on an international level, it was reported on April 27, 2009, that Obama got ahead of his teleprompter when he began to name the members of PCAST before realizing he’d already introduced them earlier in his speech. Obama stated, “In addition to John – sorry, the – I just noticed I jumped the gun here”. Obama then paused for several seconds while looking at the teleprompter, stating, “Go ahead. Move it up. I had already introduced all you guys”. In order to further highlight the embarrassing incident on an international level, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs stated, “I am absolutely amazed that anybody in America cares about […] the mechanism by which [Obama] reads his prepared remarks”. The “prepared remarks” were likely conveyed to Obama via his insertable microchip, not from a teleprompter as Gibbs would have the public believe. In what appears to be the third CIA-spawned publicity stunt designed to highlight Obama’s alleged use of  a teleprompter on an international level, it was reported on May 27, 2009, that Vice President Joe Biden’s teleprompter mysteriously fell over, prompting Biden to state: “What am I going to tell the president?…Tell him his teleprompter is broken? What will he do then?” The answer to Biden’s rhetorical question is for Obama to rely on his state-of-the-art mind control system, as he always does. In what appears to be the fourth CIA-spawned publicity stunt designed to highlight Obama’s alleged use of  a teleprompter on an international level, ABC News published a report on July 13, 2009, entitled “If a Teleprompter Falls in the White House Does It Make a Sound?” which revealed that midway through one of Obama’s speeches, “one of his two small glass prompters came crashing down, hitting the wood floor and crashing in many pieces”. An allegedly startled Obama then quipped, “Oh, goodness…Sorry about that, guys”. In order to both mock and highlight Obama’s incessant use of a teleprompter, the satirical Onion published a report on November 16, 2009, entitled “Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner” which stated among other things that “Officials say the President’s home teleprompter is simply a tool to make sure pillow talk with Michelle or conversations with his Mother-In-Law go smoothly”. In what appears to be the fifth CIA-spawned publicity stunt designed to highlight Obama’s alleged use of a teleprompter on an international level, Snopes published a report on January 18, 2010, which confirmed that the White House (at the behest of the CIA) released photographs which showed Obama using teleprompters to talk to a group of elementary school students (see above photo). The photographs of the staged incident subsequently went viral on the internet which is exactly why they were taken in the first place. In a campaign speech from February 6, 2010, former U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin stated that “This is about the people… it’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter”. Palin’s comments are telling for Obama has become synonymous with teleprompters, exactly as planned by the CIA. In order to highlight the aforementioned Obama teleprompter incident from January of 2010, it was reported on March 27, 2010, that former Daily Show host Jon Stewart mocked Obama for using a teleprompter while addressing a 6th grade classroom. Due to the popularity of the Daily Show, the Obama-teleprompter publicity stunt was once again highlighted on an international level. Roughly a month later on April 20, 2010, U.S. presidential candidate Marco Rubio slammed Obama’s teleprompter use while standing in front of teleprompters at CPAC, an obviously hypocritical gesture which was designed to once again raise the specter of Obama’s teleprompter use on a international level. Approximately 5-months later on September 2, 2010, MSNBC host Chris Matthews reportedly called on Obama to “Get rid of that damn teleprompter” which he also called “a menace”. Matthews also stated, “You go to a meeting with him I’m told, businessmen are invited to meet him at the White House, he hauls out the damn teleprompter, and he reads it to them”. Needless to say, Matthew’s comments were premeditatedly contrived in order to further sell the notion that Obama is helpless without his teleprompter. In what appears to be the sixth CIA-spawned publicity stunt designed to highlight Obama’s alleged use of a teleprompter on an international level, it was reported on October 18, 2011, that a truck containing Obama’s teleprompter and audio equipment were stolen in Virginia. The theft was likely orchestrated by the CIA in order to make Obama’s teleprompter use a national talking point. That same day, October 18, 2011, the Washington Post published a report entitled “Republicans Mock Obama’s Teleprompter Use” in which Fred Davis, a media strategist who previously advised Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, stated that “If you use [a teleprompter] now, you’re like Obama…It’s a negative because it’s a sign of inauthenticity…It’s a sign that you can’t speak on your own two feet…It’s a sign that you have handlers behind you telling you what to say”. Davis’ comments are quite prophetic as Obama’s handlers are orchestrating his every word, albeit from his state-of-the-art mind control system rather than from a teleprompter as alleged. A day later on October 19, 2011, late-night comedian Conan O’Brien did a skit on how Obama really does when speaking without his teleprompter, further highlighting Obama’s alleged inability to speak intelligently without the aid of his teleprompter. Nearly 5-months later on March 12, 2012, former U.S. presidential candidate Rick Santorum stated that “I always believed that when you run for President of the United States, it should be illegal to read off a teleprompter, because all you’re doing is reading someone else’s words to people”. Santorum’s comments were designed to further sell the notion that Obama is not an authentic president or speaker, namely due to his incessant use of a teleprompter. Exactly a month later on April 12, 2012, it was reported that Republican super PAC donor Foster Friess hoped that Obama’s “teleprompters are bulletproof”, further highlighting Obama’s use of a teleprompter while foreshadowing an upcoming Obama assassination event. Roughly 2-months later on June 22, 2012, the Huffington Post published a report entitled “Obama Teleprompter Attack Ad” which referenced Obama’s alleged reliance on teleprompters as “some kind of proof of a deficiency in his oratory skills”. Interestingly, the attack ad from Slate.com stated that “Words would like you to believe that they just come from thin air…”, an apparently veiled reference to Obama’s state-of-the-art mind control system which likely feeds Obama his comments and speeches wirelessly. In what appears to be the seventh CIA-spawned publicity stunt designed to highlight Obama’s alleged use of a teleprompter on an international level, The Hill published a report on July 17, 2012, entitled “Obama Switches Off His Teleprompter”. The report revealed that Obama turned off his teleprompter during a speech and was able to continue without a problem, confirming, albeit in a de facto manner, that Obama does not need a teleprompter. Obama is and has always been fully capable of speaking without a teleprompter due to his electronic state-of-the-art mind control system which evidently feeds him words in real time. This notion was corroborated by a Huffington Post report from July 17, 2012, entitled “Obama Teleprompter Getting Less Use On Campaign Trail” which stated that Obama is becoming a better orator and therefore is less dependent on his handy teleprompter. In reality however, Obama is just relying on his state-of-the-art mind control system as he always does. Nearly a month later on August 22, 2012, the Huffington Post published a report entitled “Obama Photo Caption Contest: Teleprompter Obstruction” which further highlighted Obama’s alleged use of a teleprompter on an international level Approximately a month later on October 16, 2012, the New Yorker published a report entitled “Why Obama Really Might Need a Teleprompter” which stated, “Let’s be clear: the theory, popular among some on the right, that President Obama is lost without a teleprompter isn’t just offensive, it’s stupid—the man wrote two books, was president of the Harvard Law Review, does more actual speechwriting than most other politicians at his level, is one of the better orators American politics has seen in some time, and on and on. He can do just fine without a teleprompter, thank you very much.” While likely true, Obama can do none of the latter without his state-of-the-art mind control system which feeds him words via an electronic microchip in real time. Almost 4-months later on December 11, 2012, Cathie Adams, the former chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party, reportedly stated, “I’m telling you, Barack Hussein Obama has got to have a teleprompter because he fried his brain on drugs“. In reality, Obama’s brain is not fried but rather rewired with a state-of-the-art mind control system. Roughly a month later on January 19, 2013, the Weekly Standard published a report entitled “Obama’s Delivered 699 Speeches Using a Teleprompter Since Taking Office” which was designed to further sell the notion that Obama is solely dependent on his teleprompter instead of his implanted microchip. Almost 3-months later on April 17, 2013, it was reported that the man who stole Obama’s teleprompter in Virginia received 7-years in prison for his crime. Whether the theft was ever committed is not known, but the alleged sentencing of the suspect further associated Obama with the use of teleprompters. That same day, April 17, 2013, the Huffington Post published a report entitled “11 Reasons Some Guy Stole Obama’s Teleprompter” which was designed to highlight the Obama teleprompter robbery on an international level. Approximately a month later on May 22, 2013, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden once again made fun of Obama’s incessant teleprompter use when he stated that “You can’t tell Barack that the teleprompter’s down…The standing joke in the office is Barack’s learning to speak without a teleprompter, I’m learning to speak with one. I apologize for the teleprompter.” Needless to say, Biden’s words were designed to further sell the notion that Obama is incapable of speaking in a scholarly manner without the use of a teleprompter. In what appears to be the eighth CIA-spawned publicity stunt designed to highlight Obama’s alleged use of a teleprompter on an international level, it was reported on June 7, 2013, Obama was left speechless after aides forget to load his teleprompter. The incident appears to have been staged by the CIA as it contradicts previous reports that Obama was able to speak perfectly fine without his teleprompter. Nearly 3-months later on September 4, 2014, political analyst George Will stated that without his teleprompter, Obama is “Not that good”. The comments by Will were obviously designed to further sell the notion that Obama is helpless without the use of a teleprompter, regardless of the aforementioned report which stated that Obama was able to speak perfectly fine without it. Approximately 4-months later on January 21, 2015, Town Hall published a report entitled “Comrade Obama Reads Teleprompter for 6th Time to Both Houses of Congress” which was designed to further sell the notion that Obama is solely dependent on the use of a teleprompter. Lastly, roughly 6-months later on August 26, 2015, U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that the U.S. government should “outlaw teleprompters for anyone running for president”, an obvious reference to Obama whose presidency has become synonymous with teleprompters. Needless to say, these reports, taken collectively, confirm, albeit in a de facto manner, that there is a coordinated effort by the CIA and its respective minions within media and politics to associate Obama with teleprompters in order to help conceal the fact that Obama is a Manchurian Candidate who speaks with the aid of a state-of-the-art mind control system.


3:12: Top Secret White House Renovation
In the event that Barack Hussein Obama II is under state-of-the-art mind, it would stand to reason that the White House would be renovated so that the latest and greatest medical equipment could be installed to accommodate him. This would allow doctors access to Obama’s brain and/or his insertable microchip without having to regularly transport him to a U.S. government laboratory such as DARPA. The notion that a future President of the United States would need a secret medical laboratory to update his mind control program was foreshadowed in the film “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004), in which U.S. Vice Presidential Candidate Raymond Prentiss Shaw (Liev Schreiber) is called into a secret laboratory within his hotel room which had been rigged to medically update his mind control programming. Coincidentally, back on September 12, 2012, it was revealed that after nearly two years and $86 million worth of construction, the West Wing of the Obama White House emerged from its visual seclusion “remarkably unchanged”. The White House renovation project, which is colloquially referred to the “White House Big Dig”, began back in September of 2010 with the excavation of a huge multistory pit in front of the West Wing. The notion that the pit is mysterious in nature was highlighted by a Huffington Post report from September 12, 2012 entitled “White House Big Dig Remains a Mystery as Construction Wraps Up”. Despite the utilitarian description of its purpose, the secret project came to be the object of intense media speculation. The Washington Post characterized the project as a “nothing to see here story“, the New York Times, citing an anonymous source, claimed it was “security-related construction”, while ABC News equated the construction project with a “mystery” on-par with “what happened to the dinosaurs”. Since the West Wing contains the Oval Office, the Cabinet Room, the Situation Room, and the Roosevelt Room, all of which are clearly above ground, it can be deduced that the “huge multistory pit” in front of the West Wing is likely now home to a secret underground medical bunker which allows doctors unfettered access to  the Manchurian Candidate known as President Obama.

The_Manchurian_Candidate_Widescreen_R1-[cdcovers_cc]-front [1600x1200].jpg

3:13: “The Manchurian Candidate” Movie
The Hollywood film entitled “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004) is a cinematic tribute to the wonders of mind control, especially in respect to the future presidency of Barack Hussein Obama II which would become a reality 4-years later. Consequently, the poster for the film (see trailer) contains the slogan “Everything Is Under Control” for Obama is completely under control, mind control. The film also served as a veiled warning in respect to the impending dictatorship of Obama who was a member of the Illinois Senate when the film was released in theaters on July 30, 2004. Roughly 5-months later on January 4, 2005, Obama officially became a U.S. Senator, paving the way for his historic election as President of the United States in 2008. In the film, U.S. Congressman Raymond Prentiss Shaw (Liev Schreiber) of New York is a political candidate under mind control who is running for the Office of U.S. Vice President. With the help of Manchurian Global, Schreiber is slated to execute a premeditated coup d’état of the United States. government. Conversely, Major Bennett “Ben” Marco (Denzel Washington), a former member of Shaw’s U.S. Army unit, is desperately trying to stop Shaw and the impending White House coup. Had the African-American actor Washington played the role of Shaw’s in the film, the notion that Obama, the first African-American president, is a Manchurian Candidate under CIA mind control would have been way too obvious. Consequently, Shaw was played by the Jewish actor Schreiber.


3:14: Obama Presidency Foreshadowed by “The Manchurian Candidate”
Because the film entitled “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004) is state-of-the-art psychological programing for the implementation of a real-life Manchurian Candidate in the White House, there are numerous veiled references to Barack Hussein Obama II in the film. For example, when Shaw (Liev Schreiber) is running as a candidate for U.S. Vice President, a TV news channel states that “Raymond Prentiss Shaw is an enigma” who has “millionaire Harvard honors”. Coincidentally, Obama allegedly attended Harvard Law School from 1988 until 1991 where he received numerous honors, the highest being President of the Harvard Law Review. The term “enigma” is defined as “someone or something that is difficult to understand or explain”, the very definition of Obama whose alleged birthplace, education, religion and sexuality are debated on a daily basis. While attempting to expose Shaw as a fraudulent Manchurian Candidate under mind control, Marco (Denzel Washington) has a meeting with U.S. Army Intelligence in which Colonel Garret states, “…You’re saying an entire squad of U.S. Army soldiers was hypnotized into believing that Raymond Shaw deserved the Medal of Honor?”. The statement is an apparent reference to: a) the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election in which America (and the world for that matter) was hypnotized by celebrities and the mass media into voting for Obama, and b) the Nobel Peace Prize won by Obama in 2009 despite the fact that he failed to end the Iraq War or the War in Afghanistan as promised. In the film, Shaw’s mother, U.S. Senator Eleanor Prentiss Shaw (Meryl Streep), states that “We are on the brink of nuclear cataclysm, on our own soil”, an apparent reference to the Super Bowl XLV Nuclear Terror Plot of 2011 which, along with numerous other nuclear terror plots, were foiled by the whistle-blower website Truther.org. Lastly, Marco states in the film that, “This isn’t an election, this is a coup. This is… In our own country, a regime change, in our own country. This is […]…Manchurian Global funding bad science to put a sleeper in the White House…the first privately owned and operated Vice President of the United States”. If and when the CIA is finally able to orchestrate a “National Emergency” within the United States (e.g., biological pandemic, man-made asteroid strike, nuclear terror attack, etc.), Martial Law will be implemented, resulting in an Obama dictatorship for which the legislation Rex 84 (see below) specifically provides for. Only then will the coup of Manchurian Candidate Obama be completed.


3:15: Mind Control References in “The Manchurian Candidate”
In the film entitled “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004), Shaw (Liev Schreiber), a candidate for U.S. Vice President, receives a phone call which suddenly activates his mind. He is then called into a secret laboratory within his hotel room where he sits down in a chair and is subsequently rigged up with numerous tubes and wires. With braces holding his head in place, doctors insert a micro-drill bit into his head while LCD screens show a virtual map of Shaw’s brain. After placing an electronic insert (i.e., microchip) into Shaw’s brain, Dr. Atticus Noyle (Simon McBurney), a former Manchurian geneticist working under a research grant from Manchurian Global to develop deep implant behavior modification, states, “No decay, no slippage.  Everything appears to be in flawless working condition”. In a later scene, Dr. Noyle says to Shaw, “We have twenty minutes for our little check up from the neck up”. After receiving the update, Shaw cites verbatim what he has been programmed to say. In other words, once the computer within Shaw’s brain was digitally updated, he was able to verbalize exactly what was previously downloaded onto the insertable implant (i.e., the microchip).  When Marco (Denzel Washington) is researching Dr. Noyle on the internet, he comes across key words such as “genetic memory enhancement” and “behavioral modification”, both of which are now scientifically possible. When speaking about mind control, Dr. Noyle states, “It’s actually a very simple procedure to deactivate the gene concerned. And the same thing can be applied to ourselves. At a flick of a switch, we can adjust character, change personality. And of course, more importantly…we can offset the ravages of dementia by implanting memory or adjusting the synaptic connections”. Based on evidence acquired to date, it appears that Obama is under an eerily similar form of mind control. While Shaw received his mind control updates in a secret laboratory within his hotel room, Obama evidently receives his mind control updates in a secret laboratory which is evidently located where the aforementioned pit in front of the West Wing of the White House once stood.


3:16: CIA References in “The Manchurian Candidate”
Because Barack Hussein Obama II was specifically groomed by the CIA in Switzerland to become the first-ever Manchurian Candidate to hold the Office of the President of the United States, there are numerous references to the CIA within the film entitled “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004). These references serve as a cinematic tribute to the CIA who is ultimately in command and control of Hollywood as wells Obama’s person and presidency. In Scene 52 of the film, the “mysterious woman” states that “Those of you with ties to the Intelligence community may recall the CIA’s misguided MK-ULTRA program, the KGB’s Novichok research, and similar half-assed ventures in Great Britain and China — under the lay term of ‘mind control”. Although the CIA’s Project MKUltra has long since been declassified, this was the first time in history that it was publically linked to the Office of the President of the United States. In scene 145, Marco (Denzel Washington) is researching Dr. Noyle (Simon McBurney) online when he comes across the headline “Capetown U. Scientist Expelled: Alleged CIA Ties”. In Scene 154, U.S. Senator Tom Jordan (Jon Voight) states, “His name is Atticus Noyle.  He is a South African physician, neuropsychiatric scientist and mercenary—someone our CIA trained for covert mind warfare against the Soviets in Afghanistan”. Jordan continues, stating that “On the advisory board of Manchurian- Global, should they ever publish a list—which they won’t—you would find former  Presidents, deposed Kings, retired Prime Ministers, Ayatollahs, African War-Lords, fallen Communist Dictators and an assortment of the Fucking Rich, who are distinguished from the merely Filthy Rich by factors of billions”. The latter statement by Jordan is telling for it corroborates the notion that the CIA in Switzerland is ultimately in command and control of all 206 countries of the world, democracies and dictatorships alike. That is why dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Napoleon Bonaparte and Kim Jong-un are all intimately linked to the country of Switzerland. That is also why Obama is an honorary citizen of Switzerland for he has been groomed by the CIA to become the first-ever Manchurian Candidate to serve as president and then dictator of the United States of America.

The latter was an excerpt from “OBAMA 666: WILL AMERICA’S FIRST DICTATOR PLEASE STAND UP?” (2016), a new book by whistle-blower journalist David Chase Taylor. Please access the individual chapters below. 




David Chase Taylor is a blacklisted American journalist and the editor-in-chief of 911Truther.org, the World’s #1 whistle-blower website (Taylor’s original website Truther.org was hijacked by the CIA and held for ransom in 2017, hence the change in web address). Because Taylor’s blog 911Truther.org is the single-most popular alternative news website on the internet, it is repeatedly hacked and censored by the CIA and their countless bots. Naturally therefore, Taylor has been denied an official Wikipedia page since 2011. That being said, due to Taylor’s rising popularity, the CIA was forced to give Taylor an Everybody Wiki page and Truther.org a RationalWiki page which legally-speaking constitutes as defamation, libel and slander which is defined as, ‘the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation’. Although Taylor currently lives at an undisclosed location, he officially applied for political asylum in Switzerland back on July 17, 2015, after publishing The Nuclear Bible (2011), a book which foiled a nuclear terror attack at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Despite preventing World War III, Taylor was inexplicably denied political asylum in Switzerland by the Bundesgericht (i.e., the Supreme Court of Switzerland) because Switzerland harbors the one and only CIA whose secret headquarters lie beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Taylor has also authored The Bio-Terror Bible (2012), which exposes the impending global biological pandemic, ObamaCSI (2012), which prevented a false-flag assassination ‘event’ targeting Barack Hussein Obama designed to give him the ‘deadly wound’ as depicted in Revelation 13:3, and Greenland Theory (2014), which exposes the true power structure of the World, especially in respect to Greenland and its primary proxy state of Switzerland.


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